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What To Look For In A Check Printing Software

If you Google the term “check printing software” (and maybe that is exactly what you did and have thus arrived here…in which case welcome!) you are bombarded with all different kinds of webpages, ads, and softwares.  So how do you sort through the nonsense and objectively rate the worthwhile results?

Given your search enquiry, we assume you are looking for a piece of software that can print accounting checks for either businesses or personal accounts.  Either you are new to this and aren’t using anything currently, or your current software just isn’t cutting it and you need something more.  Whichever you are, choosing the best check printing software is important as the right software can save you time and money, while the wrong software can disrupt your payment processing, causing more problems that is solves.

So how do you value a check printing software?  First, it must work with whatever accounting package you are using.  Many accounting packages claim to offer check printing solutions, but the truth is that if they were any good, you wouldn’t be searching for check printing softwares.  For most accounting packages, the check printing function is limited and cumbersome.  Even more, it often costs you more to print with it due to the types of checks you purchase with it, but more on that in a second.  So first and foremost, make sure it integrates with your accounting package.

Second, does it save you money?  Many aspects play into the answer to this question.  Everything from the cost of the software, to the features it provides, to the recurring costs associated with using the software.  Check printing softwares range in their purchase prices.  Like many things in life, there is often a misperception that when something costs more, it is better.  In the check printing software world, this is not the case.  It is less about the price tag of the software and more about the features it provides.  Can it print checks onto blank check stock?  This is a big consideration for cost as blank check stock can save you 80% on the cost of preprinted checks.  Also, how much is the service contract?  All of these play a role when considering cost.

Finally, and maybe more than anything else, you must look at the features of the software.  Does the software support unlimited bank accounts?  Can it print electronic signatures?  Can it print to different printers and trays within an office or a network?  Can it create positive pay files?  What about ACH files?  Can you set employee logins and restrictions?  And how integrated is the check printing software with your accounting package?  A check printing software should have at least all of these features and much, much more…and it shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars.