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The Many Benefits of Using an Online Check Printing Service

Anyone who is considering using an easy, affordable, and efficient check printing service may want to ask one question before they begin reading this article:

“How many minutes of my life has been spent writing, folding, sealing, stamping, and mailing checks?”

It’s probably best if you don’t answer. And while you aren’t answering, maybe you will also want to avoid answering this question:

“How many minutes, hours, or days have I spent delivering a check to the post office at the last minute, or delivering it to vendor in person, or hand-carrying it to Fedex or somewhere when time was of the essence.”

Even the thought of it makes one shake their head or roll their eyes. But now, the good news is that it’s 2022, almost 2023.

Even in this day and age, many business owners or folks who write a lot of checks to multiple vendors, and spend time licking, sealing, stamping and delivering don’t know that the answer to this time burn has arrived!

Four magic words can answer your time-wasting prayers: “PrintBoss Check Printing Services”.

Benefits of the Using the PrintBoss Check Printing Service

The benefits of using a top check printing service like PrintBoss are not existential. They are real, based in cost savings and pragmatism. These benefits of using check printing software include:

  • Cost savings
  • Ability to Overnight Checks
  • Time and Efficiency
  • Works with QuickBooks Online or Your Desktop Accounting Software
  • Security

Let’s take a look at these one by one.

1. Cost Savings

According to the AFP 2022 Payments Cost Benchmarking Survey cited by Nacha, the cost of issuing a paper check is $2.01 to $4.00 median cost. The monthly cost of sending out paper checks can cost a business more than $2000 per month, including labor, bank fees, postage, printing of checks and other delivery fees.

Printing check costs fall significantly by eliminated the labor behind printing, folding, sealing, stamping and mailing. And remember that median check cost mentioned above?

PrintBoss Check Printing Service is priced at $1.30 per check printed and mailed within the United States, and $2.00 per check mailed to Canada. This falls far below the median price of check printing nationally by any data metric.

Couple this with the costs of the check stock, envelopes, and stamps, and one can easily see the savings associated with the PrintBoss Check Printing Service are significant.

2. Ability to Overnight Checks

Often, we need to rush a check. With PrintBoss Check Printing Service, you can choose your check sending option which includes an overnight check function. You can use the easy "FedEx My Check" option with a click of the key in your PrintBoss for desktop software. You can select shipping options, send multiple checks to one location, and even receive a tracking number. Your shipping charge will be based on the number of checks, shipping option, and destination. But your check will get there and you will be able to track it along the way!

3. Time and Efficiency

No more licking. No more sealing. No more stamping. No more need to even buy stamps for your envelopes. No more buying envelopes for checks. Stop using your valuable time for something so mundane and (now) unnecessary when PrintBoss check printing service can take care of it for you, for less money and zero worries that the check won’t arrive or there will be an issue.

4. Works with QuickBooks Online or Your Desktop QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft, or Other Accounting Software

PrintBoss Check Printing service integrates seamlessly with your online accounting software. With the click of a button, PrintBoss software and associated check printing, sealing, postage and mailing services will handle the rest. Signing up for the PrintBoss check printing service is simple and you can also always call or contact us if you have questions.

Check Printing Service that Is Ultra Secure

PrintBoss uses Toner Grip paper which chemically bonds the laser toner to the paper so that any modification of characters printed on the paper requires the actual paper fibers to be ripped away. This feature combined with the background patterns printed on the check stock make any attempt to alter information printed on a check much more noticeable. Because of our commitment to quality and security we provide only Toner Grip check stock for all of our checks as part of our check printing service. We use a difficult to copy rainbow background, microprinting to protect against check photocopying, a watermark and endorsement box. The check printing advanced security features PrintBoss utilizes are industry standard.

Why Should I use the PrintBoss Check Printing Service?

Like other services which claim to make your life easier, not all check printing services are created equal. The PrintBoss Check Printing Service completely takes the hassle out of printing your checks. There is no change from your current use of your accounting system--you process check payments as you normally would in your accounting system.

But instead of printing checks, PrintBoss handle it for you. PrintBoss sends them to our secure server where PrintBoss software will print, fold, seal, stamp, and mail your checks. By this method, nothing changes in what you do except eliminating the labor and costs of check printing. And if you check more into the security features of our check printing services, you will see that our software increases the security of your printing and mailing checks.