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About Us

PrintBoss was created by our talented team at Wellspring Software in 1990. It developed from a simple need: print checks from multiple bank accounts onto one blank check stock. Since then, PrintBoss has grown both in its compatibility with various accounting softwares and in its depth of features to become the premier QuickBooks® check printing software. But as the product has developed we have maintained our focus of saving people time and money, while increasing security.

We're passionate about our business and serving our customers. We use PrintBoss every day, but we know that our customers often come up with the best ideas, so we like to hear from you. So give us a call or drop us a line to let us know how you think PrintBoss could improve as a QuickBooks® check printing software.

While the birthplace of PrintBoss was Southern California, in 1996 we relocated to the Heartland - St. Louis, Missouri. The move has allowed us to be centrally located for shipping (cheaper FedEx bills and quicker transit times) and support hours. The great Midwest also allows operating costs to remain low, enabling us to keep our prices as low as possible. We know that running a business can be expensive and difficult. For this reason, we pride ourselves on making business easier for our customers, both on their wallet and their peace of mind. Peruse our website to learn more about us, or give us a call to learn how PrintBoss can save your business time and money, while increasing security.

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