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The PayBoss Check Printing and Mailing Service

The PrintBoss Check Printing Service takes the hassle out of check printing. You process check payments as you normally would in your accounting system. However, instead of printing checks, PrintBoss sends them to our secure server where Wellspring Software will print, fold, seal, stamp, and mail your checks. By this method, nothing changes in what you do except eliminating the labor and costs of check printing.

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Cost to do this in-house:

According to Bank of America. This includes (current),
68¢/stamp, and all of the manual and material costs
related to printing, folding, sealing, stamping and mailing.

Cost with PayBoss:

+ Postage for US First Class Mail
($2.35/check internationally including Canada)

Checks That Look Just Like You
Sent Them Yourself!

Your checks include your business details, your bank account, and are sent to whoever you want to pay. The recipient doesn’t have any idea you didn’t mail the check yourself.


How much will I save per check?
With PrintBoss check printing and mailing service, this cost drops to $0.80 per check plus postage including international postage or any expedited delivery services. And check security increases exponentially.
Where do checks get mailed from?
PrintBoss is located in St. Louis, MO. This means reduced, efficient mailing times to either US coast or the central US states and Canada.
Can I overnight my checks if needed?
Yes! Just click “Fedex My Check” in PrintBoss. Your shipping charge will be based on the number of checks, shipping option and destination.
What do I need to do to make this happen?
If you are a PrintBoss online user, simply click “I want Wellspring to Generate/Print/Mail my checks for this bank” in your Banks screen.
If you are a PrintBoss Desktop user, you click “Send Check to Wellspring Software for Printing/Mailing" in the Pressure Seal Check Form page in PrintBoss.
How can I get more information?
Simply send an email to and someone will get back to you promptly to answer any questions you may have.