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Simple check printing integrated with ComputerEase -
multiple bank accounts, one check stock

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ComputerEase Integration

In partnership with ComputerEase, we have developed specific PrintBoss check forms for ComputerEase users. These forms can be printed in top, middle, or bottom check formats for either AP or Payroll checks. This seamless integration between PrintBoss and ComputerEase allows users to print checks from multiple bank accounts to one check stock.

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Print to Blank Check Stock

When every construction job requires a different bank account, managing multiple check stocks becomes time consuming and costly.  By using blank check stock, all jobs’ checks, both payroll and accounts payable, can be printed to the same stock.  It’s not only a fraction of the cost, but it is also more secure, as unused stock does not have the company or banking information preprinted on the check face.

print checks for computerease
Emailing Checks

Emailing Checks

Create pay checks at a centralized accounting location and email the checks in PDF format to job sites for printing and distribution. The PDFs are password protected.

Pay by Direct Deposit

Pay by Direct Deposit

Positive Pay is the most secure check payment method available and PrintBoss makes it easy by creating and sending the Positive Pay file directly to your bank.

Electronically Sign Checks

Electronically Sign Checks

Apply electronic signatures to checks based on signing rules (e.g. amount, bank account, etc.).  Keep track of when signatures are used and even require a second signature. Just another way to save time, while increasing security.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Print and email accounting documents simultaneously with a single click. Email addresses are pulled from within the document to ensure correct delivery every time.