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Let PrintBoss make your business smarter

As the leading QuickBooks® check printing software, PrintBoss offers features designed to enable you to print QuickBooks® checks onto blank check stock and help you better manage your accounting documents. Through improved document distribution, electronic payment file creation, and automatic archiving, PrintBoss makes your business run smarter.



  • Print QuickBooks® checks onto blank check stock
  • Save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks® checks
  • Increase QuickBooks® checks security by printing the routing and account numbers during a check run
  • Print signatures for increased security

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

  • Automatically create ACH payment files
  • Electronically submit payments through your bank
  • Compatible with US and Canadian banks
  • Pay by check or by ACH in the same batch
  • Print multiple copies of QuickBooks® checks and documents to different trays and/or printers
  • Eliminate "pull-apart" dot matrix forms
  • Eliminate expensive collated colored paper


  • Create PDF copies of your documents
  • Automatically name and file the PDF version
  • Put a password on documents for additional security
  • Eliminate manual archiving


  • Fax all documents directly from PrintBoss software
  • Send multiple faxes at once
  • Send multiple documents at once
  • PrintBoss keeps log of which faxes failed for easy resend
  • No busy signals or dial tones
  • Email documents directly from PrintBoss
  • PrintBoss automatically determines which documents to print and which to email
  • PrintBoss will name the email attachment logically
  • PrintBoss will provide the email subject and body message
  • Password protect sensitive documents


  • Use PrintBoss with the globalVCard paysystems
  • Securely pay vendors with single use card numbers
  • Get money back on your payments
  • Prefund your credit card or open a line of credit