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The End of Handwritten Checks and the Move to Online Check Writing

In the modern world of business, despite their inefficiency, high cost, and lack of security, handwritten checks remain one of the most widely used methods of payment. Yet few people realize the intricate history behind handwritten checks and how they have been used in the past. Their development shows why, in 2023-2024, it is time for businesses to move away from handwritten checks and towards online check writing and using blank check stock for check. With software like PrintBoss Online check writing software, businesses can now write checks with a simple click of a button or touch of a screen, with more savings and efficiency than ever before.

This article will explore the history of handwritten checks and how it has evolved over the years.

Early History of Handwritten checks

The earliest known forms of handwritten checks can be traced back to the Middle Ages. During this period, merchants and tradespeople used a type of blank check that was hand written and had a signature of the issuer. This form of handwritten checks was used to facilitate commerce and was widely accepted as a form of payment. The use of handwritten checks continued to be popular throughout the Renaissance period and into the 18th century.

Modern Handwritten checks

The modern form of handwritten checks was developed in the 19th century. This type of check was pre-printed with the information of the issuer and the payee, allowing it to be filled out quickly and easily. This made it easier and more convenient for businesses to process payments. This form of handwritten checks is still widely used today and is a common sight in many businesses.

There are Many Disadvantages of Handwritten Checks

But as most businesses have already learned, handwritten checks provide a number of disadvantages for businesses now that technology has improved business efficiencies. In Handwritten checks are not as secure as other forms of payment, as they do not have the same level of encryption as other forms of payment. It is quite common for someone to forge a check if they have access to the book of pre-printed handwritten checks.

Handwritten checks are expensive to produce and can create problems with bookkeeping if not kept very tightly controlled within an efficient system that accounts for check numbers, payees, and more. If there are multiple payees from multiple accounts, the likelihood of error increases exponentially. The contrast with writing checks online has never been more obvious.

Advantages of Printing Your Checks Online

Online check writing and check printing allows businesses to quickly and easily process payments. They also enable businesses to easily keep track of their finances, as all payments are tracked through the use of the check in an online, pre-established format that connects accounts to the check, no matter the number of accounts from which one is drawing funds. Furthermore, it is much more secure than other forms of payment, as it doesn’t leave a checkbook with business information sitting around, and a check need only be issues and signed by the issuer when they are ready. This makes it far more difficult for fraudulent activities to occur.

Time to Move to Online Check Writing and Printing

While handwritten checks have a long and interesting history and have been used for centuries to facilitate commerce, most top companies now use checkwriting software. They have decided it is time to move to online check writing and printing and are enjoying the benefits of this quick and convenient form of payment. Transactions are now much more secure than past forms of payment.

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