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Print Checks to Blank Check Stock for Accountants

If you print checks from more than one bank account, you need PrintBoss.  We’ve uttered this line to many potential customers whether at conferences or over the phone.  What we mean by this is that it is more cost and time effective to use blank check stock than preprinted stock when printing from two or more bank accounts.  This axiom applies to all businesses.  For the purposes of this blog, we would like to focus today on the impact of PrintBoss for accountants and bookkeepers.

When you are managing multiple companies’ books, there are significant security risks surrounding the data you use and the processes in which you use that data.  Because of this, a banal task like check printing becomes fraught with liability.  The threat of your clients’ bank information being stolen is real and significant.  While QuickBooks offers software security, printing checks to preprinted check stock (check stock that comes preprinted with company name, address, check number, and account and routing numbers) brings with it inherent risks.  What if your clients’ stock is stolen?  What if someone sees the unused stock lying around the office and steals the bank information?

For both of these reasons, you must keep your clients’ unused preprinted stock under lock and key.  This can be a hassle in terms of space (do you have enough lock boxes in your office?), as well as in terms of time spent having to retrieve each stock from locked closets and drawers.  With blank check stock, unused stock is never a security risk.  It contains all the sensitive information of blank, white paper.  You can leave it anywhere you want in your office that is most convenient, like on your desk top if you want, and you will not increase your liability risk.

Using blank checks as an accountant will also save you considerable costs as you will only have to buy one check stock.  While with preprinted checks you would have to buy individual check stocks for each client, with blank check stock you can use the same stock for every client.  Furthermore, while a stock of 1,000 preprinted checks can cost over $300, a stock of 1,000 blank checks costs $65 or less.  Multiply that savings by the number of clients you have and you can start to imagine the enormous savings that printing checks to blank check stock allows.

Blank check stock not only increases your accounting security, but it saves you money doing it.  Use one check stock for all your clients and save time and money.  That’s why we tell people, if you print checks from more than one bank account, you need PrintBoss.

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