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MICR Check Printing with QuickBooks Checks

We’ve discussed a lot on this blog what is the next innovation for QuickBooks users.  From cloud computing to new payment methods, the QuickBooks landscape looking forward is exciting.  But for many QuickBooks users the next innovation is already here.  MICR check printing.  Too many businesses are using QuickBooks to print checks from preprinted check stock.  What these businesses don’t know is that this preprinted stock is more expensive and a higher security risk than blank check stock.  But the real issue is that too many businesses don’t know that certain QuickBooks add-on software enable MICR check printing on blank check stock from QuickBooks.

The assumption by many, perpetuated by the software giant itself, is that QuickBooks does not have the ability to print the MICR line.  Therefore, QuickBooks users must purchase preprinted check stock.  In most cases this expensive check stock is purchased directly from Intuit.  But this does not need to be the case.  It is true that QuickBooks alone does not have the ability to perform MICR check printing, but QuickBooks has a lot of inabilities.  It is for this reason that Intuit has created the QuickBooks Marketplace.  This marketplace is dedicated to approved third party QuickBooks add-on software.  It is within this marketplace where you can find software like PrintBoss that enable MICR check printing.

The beauty of PrintBoss is that it is simple, effective, and so tightly integrated with QuickBooks that most users forget they are using it once installed.  But no one forgets the benefits it provides.  It’s these benefits that make PrintBoss the next great innovation in the QuickBooks market for so many users.  MICR check printing allows companies to purchase blank check stock which can save you 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks.  MICR check printing also provides security throughout the check printing process, including before the checks are even printed and your check stock is sitting unused in inventory.  While preprinted QuickBooks checks contain your account and routing numbers on the check face, blank check stock carries neither until the checks are printed.  MICR check printing also eliminates the hassle of managing check numbers as PrintBoss does it for you, as well as allows you to use just one stock for all of your bank accounts.

These benefits, among many others like multiple method payment processing, make MICR check printing software like PrintBoss the latest innovation for QuickBooks users.  Try the PrintBoss 30 day free trial to see how MICR check printing can innovate your business.