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3 Major Benefits to Using Blank Check Stock Instead of Pre-Printed Checks

Many of us got our own bank accounts as a rite of passage when we were young. The lucky few of us may have had a home in which our parents helped us open our own bank accounts, make our first deposit, and be provided our first book of checks. It felt good to see our own name, pre-printed, atop a blank check. It signaled a world of possibility, in which if we just filled out a few lines (and had enough money in the account), we had the power to buy whatever we wanted.

At the time, we were not concerned with concepts of ease, efficiency, value, and the safety of writing checks. Now that we are older, and live in an age of electronic banking, online accounting software, and we have an understanding of the profit motive behind each action a bank may take, the days of wanting pre-printed checks are a thing of the past. This doesn’t even begin to include our desperate desire for more free time to do with what we please.

blank check stock for check printing

With the new rules of the game in mind, let’s explore 5 major benefits of letting go of using pre-printed checks, and when we are done, let’s make a move toward PrintBoss—the best online check writing and check printing software in the United States.

But first, what are these benefits of leaving behind pre-printed checks?

1. Security

If you carry around your checkbook in your purse, or carry a single blank check in your wallet like many people do (some even carry a signed blank check—truly!), you are carrying around with you one of the most desirable targets for theft and fraud that exists in our society today.

The total annual global cost of fraud is massive, over $5 trillion. In countries which use personal checks as forms of payments, the fraud totals are in the billions.

A pre printed check carries your name, address, and may even include a business name, social security number, or more personal information. If someone steals or finds your wallet or purse, they are likely to then also have a copy of your signature. Putting these elements together leads to one easy conclusion—making check fraud far easier than it would be if you used blank check stock for checking transactions. Blank check stock puts an end to having this data readily accessible to potential thieves.

2. Time Consuming and Errant Record Keeping

Very few of us are meticulous in our financial record keeping, and many or most of us gave up trying to keep a check ledger years ago. One major benefit of online accounting and personal banking record-keeping solutions is to take the mystery and confusion as to how much money we have, and how much money we have spent.

In business, keeping a checkbook and a ledger is no longer a valued benefit. If we are writing checks from the same account from which we charge or have funds electronically debited, confusion as to account balances will necessarily ensue. Trying to keep clear, accurate record keeping within the confines of a checkbook is difficult to nearly impossible.

With online accounting software like QuickBooks online, or desktop accounting software like Sage, QuickBooks, or Microsoft Dynamics, writing checks by hand will provide a disconnect between the efficiency and accuracy of your accounting system and the reality of your bank balance.

PrintBoss works with QuickBooks Online and most forms of desktop accounting software to automate check writing and check printing, and integrate it completely with your bank account or accounts. You can “write” checks to multiple vendors from multiple accounts and clear, accurate records are kept. And guess what? You can print to blank check stock, in the size, color, and design you wish. No more time-consuming check writing and no more errant record keeping—unless you are not careful in maintaining your online accounting system.

3. Printing on Blank Check Stock Saves Money

If you order pre-printed checks for your business or personal bank account, there is nearly always a fee (often hidden) associated with the pre-printed checks. Sometimes this fee is explicit, like $29 for a set of checks, or it takes the form of needing a minimum bank balance to get your checks for “free”. Blank check stock works out to be very inexpensive, affordable and more convenient than pre-printed check stock. You can use your accounting software with the blank check stock, saving money in the form of human time in writing checks by hand.

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