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Everything that You Need to Know About Blank Check Stock

Have you considered that you can use blank check stock to print business checks? Managing your business checking needs in-house is simpler and more affordable than most people are aware. The only hardware that you will need to get started is an MCIR printer, toner, and blank check stock.

Choosing blank check stock that offers advanced security features is essential for protecting your business. Not all blank check stock manufacturers offer the same quality of professional paper.

Ready to optimize your business check printing processes? With the right checking applications, you can employ blank check stock to write and print business checks for multiple accounts. In the following informational guide, the check printing experts at PrintBoss reveal everything that you need to know about blank check stock. Utilize this information to start printing your own business checks in-house.

What is Blank Check Stock?

Blank check stock is high-quality, security-encrypted, professional paper that is used for printing checks. The best blank check stock brands offer a strong line of defense against forgery, alteration, and/or other acts of deception.

Are Blank Checks Safe?

Using blank check stock to write check is a significantly safer decision than purchasing pre-printed checks. Business checks reveal private account information regarding your financial accounts, as well as sensitive client information. Blank check stock allows you to set parameters, print checks on demand, and mail them immediately.

How Much Does Blank Check Stock Cost?

Traditional bank issued business can be costly and may cost anywhere from $80 or more per year. This is for just one business checking account. Using blank check stock to print checks in-house could result in over 80% costs saving for your business.

Is It Difficult to Print Your Own Business Checks?

Printing your own business check in-house simple with the right accounting and check writing software. PrintBoss allows you to print checks for all of your accounts on the same blank check stock. Choose from a wide range of templates, customize fonts, layouts, etc. The application also stores all of your private company and client financial information on encrypted files for secure accessibility.

Why Do You Need Check Writing Software for Blank Check Stock?

Check writing and printing software is essential for printing your own checks in-house. Many businesses avoid printing their own business checks in-house due to check quality printing concerns. Fortunately, high-quality blank check stock and check printing software makes these processes safe and easy-to-navigate.

Check writing and printing software allows business owner to assign check signature requirements, account conditions, and more.

What Features are Important if You Use Blank Check Stock?

Security features is one of the key benefits of using blank check over pre-printed checks. Unfortunately, not all blank check stock brands provide the same level of security. Blank check stock should be encrypted with several necessary security features, including:

  • Endorsement Box
  • Micro-Printing
  • Rainbow Background
  • Toner Grip Paper
  • Watermark

High-quality blank check stock should also feature chemical detection if an attempt is made to alter a check. Choosing a reputable and high-quality check stock is essential for protecting important financial information.

How Do You Choose the Best Check Writing and Check Printing Software?

The software experts at PrintBoss have developed an advanced check writing and printing application that can accommodate businesses of all sizes. The following article reveals how to choose the best check writing and check printing program for protecting your business from costly security issues.

Is PrintBoss Compatible with QuickBooks Online?

Yes, PrintBoss is compatible with Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and dozens of other leading accounting programs. PrintBoss check writing and printing software is also significantly more affordable than the programs offered through these applications.