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How to Ensure the Best Check Security for Your Business

Insecure checking practices put your business at risk of numerous threats, including the ongoing risk of financial fraud. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the average business loses approximately 5% of its annual income as a result of employee fraud. There is also the ongoing risk of external fraud.

So, how do you protect your business from potential check fraud issues? Being proactive in your bookkeeping processes is the first step to protecting your business from financial fraud. There are several simple ways things that you can ensure the highest level of security for your business checking processes.

Utilize High-Quality Blank Check Stock

How secure are your current business checking practices? Paper checks are rarely used by consumers but are still ever prevalent in the business world. Checks continue to be the most secure and efficient way to meet business accounting needs, including accounts payable and receivables.

Utilizing high-quality blank check stock is a great first step in improving business check security. Poor quality check stock paper significantly increases the risk of numerous fraudulent checking acts, including forgery, alteration, counterfeit checks, and more.

PrintBoss blank check stock was developed by utilizing high-quality paper that has been encrypted with top-grade security features. The company also offers a free blank check stock order to new clients who invest in their premier check writing and printing software solutions.

Invest in the Best Check Writing Software

The best check writing software provides the tools and resources needed to protect your business and client financial accounts. PrintBoss offers an efficient and affordable cloud-based application that allows users to implement numerous security measures, including:

  • Secure Checking Font for Accurate Check Amount
  • Set Login Requirements for Check Printing
  • Require a Physical Key for Check Printing
  • Require Manager Approval for Check Printing

Assign and Manage Business Checking Users

Never grant an employee sole control over any of your business financial accounts. regardless of their length of service. Assign multiple users to each business and client account to significantly decrease the risk of financial fraud.

Assign Check Signature Requirements

Protect your business and client financial data by assigning signature requirements based on unique account information. PrintBoss check writing and printing software allows you to assign secure signatures and track usage.

Outsource for Business Check Printing and Mailing Needs

Outsourcing for your business check printing and mailing needs can save you time, reduce costs, and improve check security. Printing and mailing your own checks also increases the number of individuals with access to company financial data. There is also the ongoing issue of lost business checks in the mail.

Reach out to the team of reliable business checking experts at PrintBoss to learn more about outsourcing your check printing and mailing services. Simply utilize your existing accounting software and PrintBoss check writing application as usual. PrintBoss will then send check information through a highly secure server to be printed and mailed with maximum efficiency.

PrintBoss Smart Checks for Secure Business Checking

PrintBoss provides businesses of all sizes with high-quality checking supplies, including secure blank check stock, as well as a premier cloud-based check writing and printing application. Install PrintBoss today and begin printing your own business checks on demand. PrintBoss is compatible with over 30 popular desktop and cloud-based accounting programs. Reach out to PrintBoss today for more information about safe, secure, business-checking tools.