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4 Reasons You Should Use Blank Check Stock for Your Business

Have you considered using blank check stock for your business? For many years, pre-printed checks were considered a necessary part of business banking. Despite these recent advancements, many businesses still choose to manage their accounts with pre-printed checks. Conventional bank-printed business checks cost many companies thousands of dollars every year. Not only are these documents a waste of money, but they could also lead to numerous security issues.

Blank check stock is safer, more convenient, and significantly more than pre-printed checks. In the following informational list, the check printing experts at Print Boss reveal 5 benefits of using blank check stock for your business.

1). Use Blank Check Stock to Protect Your Business from Check Fraud

Pre-printed checks reveal private and detailed account information about your financial accounts. These documents become a live security risk immediately after they are issued by the bank and must be kept in a safe location.

The majority of businesses fail to prioritize the security of pre-printed checks in the office. This mistake could put your business at a significantly increased risk of check fraud. These risks are then exacerbated when businesses use pre-printed checks to manage multiple financial accounts.

Blank check stock is a significantly safer way to manage your business checking accounts. These documents are blank and do not require secure storage before printing. Blank checks are also encrypted with security features to protect your company from fraudulent behavior. Simply use blank stock when you need to print a check for an account payable.

2). Eliminate Check Waste Using Blank Check Stock

Pre-printed checks are costly by design and require the bank to use a laser printer and an encoder for each order. This hardware is costly to utilize and can lead to unnecessary and excessive supply costs. Pre-printed checks also become a waste when a checking account is no longer valid.

Blank check stock uses an MCIR printer and toner to print business checks on demand. This is a significantly more cost-efficient option than ordering pre-printed checks. Businesses can print their checks directly in their office when needed. Blank check stock also eliminates the waste associated with pre-printed checks for invalid accounts.

3). Reduce the Risk of Financial Account Issues

Financial account issues are significantly more likely to occur if your business is still using pre-printed checks. This could put your organization at risk of numerous issues, including fines and penalties. These issues are likely to reflect negatively on your brand and could damage your relationship with clients.

Blank check stock is safe and more practical than traditional business checking. Keep important financial information safe with the best blank check stock.

4). Compatible with Check Writing and Printing Software

Choosing the right check writing software program for your business can reduce the risk of several potential check writing issues. Print Boss is secure and allows you to manage multiple checking accounts on a secure and reliable application.

PrintBoss check writing and check printing software is compatible with most major accounting software programs, including:

  • QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Sage
  • Computer Ease
  • Many More…

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