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What Exactly is Blank Check Printing?

Have you been watching the Cricket World Cup?  No.  Have you at least been checking the highlights and scores?  Probably not.

For most Americans, watching cricket is akin to watching a Greek soap opera.  Things are happening, people are talking, but you’re not sure exactly what’s going on.  We try to relate it to things we know.  “It’s like baseball but with a flat bat.”  “It’s like hockey how you can go behind the goal.”  “It’s like a Chinese fire drill where people are just running around everywhere.”

We realized that this is similar to many businesses’ concepts of blank check printing.  They try to relate it to the way they have printed checks historically.  Like how cricket relates to baseball with a bat and a ball, preprinted check printing relates to blank check printing in that you use a computer and you end up with a printed check.  While this is accurate, it is the many differences in the process of getting to that printed check, that make all the difference.  Where the cricket metaphor falls flat though is that while cricket is a different game, like baseball it is complicated.  Blank check printing on the other hand, is a simpler and less costly process than preprinted check printing.

So what exactly is blank check printing?  In truth, the process of blank check printing is similar to what you and your business currently do.  You process check payments the same way as you always have in QuickBooks.  But instead of switching your many different check stocks in and out depending on what bank account you are printing the checks from, with blank check printing you can leave the same blank check stock in the printer and print all of your bank accounts to it.  This saves you time changing check stocks in and out of the printer.

In QuickBooks, you then select PrintBoss as your check printer driver.  This passes the check information from QuickBooks to PrintBoss, which in turn connects the company information from QuickBooks with the corresponding bank information in PrintBoss.  With these two pieces, PrintBoss can print checks including company info, check number, amount, and bank information (account and routing numbers).  All of this is done automatically and saves you money by requiring only one check stock instead of multiple stocks for your multiple bank accounts.

In the end, blank check printing saves you time and money.  It simplifies your accounting processes, enabling you to focus your extra resources elsewhere.  Cricket may look like baseball, but it’s not.  In the same way, blank check printing looks a lot like preprinted check printing, but it is easier, more efficient, and more cost effective.

Try blank check printing free for 30 days with the PrintBoss free trial, and experience the benefits first hand.