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Unlimited Seats for your QuickBooks Add-On

A common question we get regarding our QuickBooks add-on software, PrintBoss, is, “how many seats come with a license?”  This is an important question for many QuickBooks users, as they have several people in their office that use QuickBooks.

Most QuickBooks versions today come with a defined number of seats per license.  More seats costs more money.  Consequently, when evaluating and valuing a QuickBooks add-on, it is important to know if it will work in your current QuickBooks environment.  Most QuickBooks add-ons, like QuickBooks itself, come with a limited number of seats, or the pricing structure is based on the number of seats required.  Particularly as the market moves toward cloud applications which are typically subscription based, charging per seat is easier and more lucrative.

When people see our small $150 price tag for PrintBoss Select and then see that it also includes 500 blank checks to get them started, it is understandable that their assumption is that the license only covers one or two seats.  The fact is, a $150 PrintBoss Select license has unlimited seats.  Once PrintBoss is installed on a network, then as many seats on that network that want can access PrintBoss. We call them workstation installations.  Here’s an FAQ we have on how to do the various PrintBoss installs.

The purpose of PrintBoss is to enable you to print checks from QuickBooks onto blank checks, and to improve and automate your document distribution…no matter how many people use it.  We understand that in any given company these two processes are not confined to one individual.  For that reason we designed PrintBoss to enable communication and workflow between any number of people.

Try our 30-day free trial of PrintBoss to experience how PrintBoss can work for your office.