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The Sleeter Conference and Cloud computing, the new world order

It was fun, as always, to wander the conference halls and meeting rooms of the Sleeter Conference with the best and the brightest QuickBooks Consulting Experts. We are a QuickBooks Add-on expert because we have developed PrintBoss, but our slice of expertise is enhanced at Sleeter like a single rose when it is placed in a bridal bouquet. The experience and knowledge represented at the Sleeter Conference provides almost unlimited opportunities to learn and improve what each of us do for QuickBooks. Any meal that you eat or activity in which you participate surrounds you with resources that can “up your game” to answer any questions your clients might come up with, and speak with authority about almost any technology that can be used to enhance QuickBooks.

Reaching for "The Cloud" in computingOne of the consistent and powerful themes we heard presented and reinforced throughout the conference was the move toward the cloud. One of the most interesting aspects of the Cloud movement to me is the fact that, in spite of the jaw dropping statistics that were quoted about how many businesses would be moving to the Cloud in the next few years, by far, the majority of businesses are NOT there today. So, how do they get there and what challenges do they face in the transition? The Cloud does not happen magically and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, so, is there a way to transition so that you can feel comfortable and in control? Happily, YES, there is a product that allows you to do everything exactly as you have done it for years, and it allows you to engage valuable cloud options with regard to document distribution and data sharing. PrintBoss allows you to select individual customers who you would like to bill electronically, or individual vendors that you would like to pay electronically, and PrintBoss will allow you to write invoices or pay bills in one step as you have always done. The new electronic features are initiated by PrintBoss with no additional keystrokes required by the user.

When you are in the cloud, your data, of course, stays the same but there are new options for the distribution and dissemination of your data. In fact, the transition seems like one of the most important aspects of the Cloud that must be addressed by every business destined to embark into this new world order. You have to be able to print checks and make electronic payments without thinking about it. You have to be able to send invoices or email invoices without even knowing which one you are emailing versus mailing. You have to move from physical archiving to electronic archives without ever knowing that you did it.

The reality is that you will be successful in the Cloud ONLY if you can get there, and ONLY if your best business practices are not compromised by new processes and additional key strokes. PrintBoss welcomes you to the new world order by allowing you to minimize change and incorporating the new power of the cloud into your old keystrokes.