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Still a grand idea

PrintBoss helps you work smarter.  With automatic document archiving, positive pay file creation, ACH capabilities, and a whole slew of other features, PrintBoss makes life easier by helping you work smarter not harder.  But before all of this “intelligence”, PrintBoss did something so smart that in 1990 almost no one had done it before.  It printed checks on blank check stock.  It got rid of the expensive, copious, and cumbersome preprinted checks from the bank, allowing accountants around the country to rejoice in the freedom of smart software.

It seems a simple idea, but it transformed the industry.  That was over twenty years ago and today that fundamental feature is continuing to change lives all across North America.  By saving people time and money by enabling them to print their own QuickBooks checks on blank check stock, which is less expensive and more secure than preprinted check stock, PrintBoss has revolutionized the accounting industry.  And we have done it in style by allowing people to choose from a wide array of color schemes for their blank checks.  Click here to check out our blank check options and click here to learn more about PrintBoss and its smarter way of doing business.