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Security and Your Check Printing Software

Read any sporting magazine or watch the talking heads on ESPN and you’ll hear analysts say that the focus in most sports nowadays is on offense.  It’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s better TV.  Many even question whether we are seeing the last vestiges of great defenses like Ohio State this past Monday, or the Seattle Seahawks that will take the field this Sunday.  Could the Legion of Boom be the final hurrah of defense-centric champions?

As is common, this started to make a lot of us here at Wellspring Software consider how this relates to check stock and check printing software.  A great defense in any sport is like great security in any accounting system.  Security in your accounting operations is perhaps more important than security anywhere else in your business.  A breach of security in any of your bank accounts opens your business to all types of fraud.  Check printing security in particular carries high risk as the data involved relates directly back to your bank accounts, the life blood of your business.

There are many security weaknesses in check printing that many businesses do not consider.  For example, many companies still use preprinted check stock.  This is the type of check stock that comes with the MICR line (your account and routing numbers at the bottom of the check) as well as your company information (address, phone number, name, etc.) and check number already printed on the face of the check.  This seemingly harmless paper carries all of your bank information.  Have one of these unused checks stolen from your office or accidently dropped in the parking lot and your entire bank account is compromised.  Use blank check stock and enjoy the most secure check stock available.

Many even small businesses write hundreds of checks a month.  Staying on top of the printing and depositing of those checks is a weak point of any accounting operation.  For this reason, Positive Pay is the most advanced check printing security measure available.  Positive Pay is a specific file that records all checks printed in a check run along with their corresponding data, such as account number, payee info, check number, etc.  The exact info required in the file is stipulated by your bank.  At the end of each run, this file is then sent to your bank.  Any check that is then attempted to be drawn from your bank account is compared against the Positive Pay file.  If any discrepancies exist, then no money is drawn on your account.  This way, even if your bank information is stolen, no fraudulent checks can be passed because they will not appear in your Positive Pay file.

Is this actually the end of defense in professional sports?  Doubtful.  Just as great check printing security protects the most vital parts of your business, great defenses win championships.  Don’t let the talking heads fool you and don’t compromise your business with insecure check printing.

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