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scaling new heights

  • Scaling New Heights 2015 Takeaways on QuickBooks and Business

    Scaling New Heights 2015 is in the books!  In four intense days, attendees took a deep dive into QuickBooks and its surrounding environment.  Through general sessions, class instruction, sponsor exhibits, and networking, attendees had the opportunity to grow and improve their own businesses and practices.  Here are our takeaways:

    1)      QuickBooks Online is growingPB at SNH

    No doubt Intuit is pushing QuickBooks Online.  Every Intuit rep, whether in the QuickBooks booth or giving a speech on the main stage, preached the value of QuickBooks Online.  This was starkly contrasted by the nearly 1500 QuickBooks Pro Advisors in attendance that constantly questioned Intuit on their handling of the desktop legacy programs.  But this is nothing new.  The theme of the last several years of QuickBooks related conferences has been, why is there no parity between QBO and QB Enterprise in particular?  SNH15 was no different, neither in the questions being asked, nor in Intuit’s response.  Simply, QBO will never reach feature parity with QuickBooks Enterprise.

    As Intuit employees get pushed more and more with this line of questioning, their responses eventually come down to, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Look, you can complain and do/sell anything you want.  We are trying to move everyone to QuickBooks Online.  So either get on board or sell something else.”  Their actual phrasing is more along the lines of, QuickBooks Online is a growing market and we just want to make you all aware of the opportunity.

    Intuit did give two telling stats regarding QBO.  First, there are currently about 1 million QBO users.  Last Fall at QuickBooks Connect they quoted 700K QBO users.  That’s significant growth in less than one year.  Second, 60% of all new QuickBooks users are using QuickBooks Online.  So while most users are still on QuickBooks desktop versions, that number is changing in favor of QBO.

    2)      We sell a Story and our product is a Reaction

    This was a common theme throughout the conference.  Jon Taffer ("Bar Rescue" host) yelled about it during his animated keynote and Joe Woodard continually brought it up during his many speeches.  Telling a story means that you’re not just SNH speechgiving a client financial data or processing their payroll, you are giving them the ability to make decisions to grow their company so they can move into that new office building or put their kid through college.  The excitement or joy or enthusiasm your client feels after talking with you and hearing your story is your product.  That’s why you’re in business.  Making money is a nice product of being in businessJ.

    3)      Accountants are moving from Score Keeper to Coach

    With all the new technology in the marketplace, accountants now have the tools and time to be less bookkeeper and more business consultant.  Data automation allows much of the time accountants used to spend collecting and inputting data to be used instead to analyze and recommend.  This is both more productive and lucrative for the client and accountant.

    4)      Scaling New Heights 2016 is in the Bahamas!

    There’s not much else to say other than PrintBoss will be there!

  • What To See At The Scaling New Heights QuickBooks Conference

    We’re excited to be going to New Orleans this Sunday to exhibit at the Scaling New Heights conference being held at Hyatt Regency Hotel and Conference Center.  Every year, Joe Woodard and his team put on an incredible conference filled with inspiring talks and informative classes.  Here are the sessions we are most looking forward to at this year’s Scaling New Heights:
    1)      Opening Keynote by Joe Woodard (Sunday—4-6pm)

    Joe always has his finger on the pulse of the accounting industry and more specifically the Intuit market.  His keynotes are poignant, fun, and set a great tone for the rest of the conference.  Whenever Joe talks, you want to listen.

    2)      Market Innovation Update with Chris Farrell, CEO of Tallie (Monday—7-7:50am)

    The accounting industry is exploding with innovation.  In 2012 and 2013, Tallie was ranked as one of the top 50 fastest growing startups by Inc. Magazine.  Since 2008, Tallie has been a model of growth and adapting to market needs and wants.  The opportunity to hear Chris Farrell talk about innovation is almost as good as hearing Joe Woodard talk about the accounting market.  They are some of the best in the business.

    3)      Featured Breakout with Frank Abagnale (Monday—4:20-6pm)

    For those of you who don’t know, Frank Abagnale is a legend in security.  He’s been on both sides of the issue, as a security threat and a security enforcer.  If you don’t know his story, watch the movie “Catch Me If You Can,” staring Leonardo DiCaprio, which was inspired by his life.  Frank works closely with Intuit to improve the security surrounding their software and products.  We all know how important security is in accounting, so hearing Frank Abagnale talk is always a must.

    4)      Open Exhibition hours (everyday)

    This is the reason we come to conferences like Scaling New Heights.  As an exhibitor, we get the chance to speak directly with users and potential users.  It’s a place not only for us to network, but also to hear the frustrations, wants, and needs of QuickBooks users.  There’s nothing better for us than to work with businesses to find solutions for their issues.  The exhibition floor is also a great place to get an idea of what is happening in the market.  There’s no better way to discover all the new companies and products participating in the QuickBooks market.

  • Scaling New Heights 2014 Recap: We are definitely climbing higher

    The Scaling New Heights conference has established itself in two ways.  1) As an industry barometer, which gives us a clear reading of the QuickBooks market. Are sales strong or languid? What 3rd party products are helping to focus sales? And 2) as an accurate road sign guiding us to stay aware of the newest features and programs offered by Intuit, and to stay in the mainstream of new technology designed to enhance the use of QuickBooks.

    The conference is always informative, interesting and even entertaining.  Joe Woodard, the host of the conference, explained how the new online version of QuickBooks will clean up the process of using QuickBooks just as effectively as a “poop-less cat” would keep a clean litter box.  Joe and Intuit both stressed that while the QuickBooks desktop versions would not be going away anytime soon, most development will be going into QuickBooks Online.

    JW Marriott San AntonioInterestingly, Intuit indicated it would not strive for building parity between the desktop and online versions, but instead expects the “Intuit Ecosystem” to bring about that parity through 3rd party app development.  In this effort, Intuit claims they are working to open up their IPP (Intuit Partner Platform) so that developers have more access to data.  Intuit even held a developer open forum where the IPP team took uncensored questions.  The packed room indicated how much the “Intuit Ecosystem” has really grown.

    This “Intuit Ecosystem” was an important topic of discussion.  Not only is Intuit working to leverage it for QuickBooks Online parity, but it is also using it to partner with companies like American Express to fulfill all business needs, not just bookkeeping ones.  This partnership, for example, will allow QuickBooks users to utilize American Express Open’s small business alternate funding options.  These funding options are not typically available through banks.  American Express is also enabling receipt matching with QuickBooks Online.  More partners will enable more tools to solve all types of business problems.

    The 2014 Scaling New Heights was the largest of its kind ever. It attracted QuickBooks Pro Advisors from all corners of the country. The exchange of information among attendees was a constant theme both in the structured presentations, in the sessions and at every meal or social event.  The sharing of information and ideas was exhilarating.

    The location, the JW Marriott in San Antonio, was a perfect venue for the event because it was both beautiful and focused. It was difficult to ignore the breath taking beauty that created an environment where you never got bored.  You always looked forward to the next planned activity that was sure to make you better for your investment.

    We need more events like Scaling New Heights where we come together with a common focus and everyone leaves happier and smarter because we all shared something valuable.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, June 21-24.

  • QuickBooks Add-Ons on Display at Scaling New Heights 2014

    We’re only 2 days away from the Scaling New Heights conference in San Antonio.  We can only imagine everyone else in the QuickBooks accounting world is as excited as we are…well, maybe not AS excited.  Here at Wellspring Software, we love going to these QuickBooks specific conferences.  The QuickBooks market is the biggest small and mid-sized business accounting market, and it is still growing.  Consequently, the QuickBooks add-on market is pretty enormous as well.  But beyond its size, it is also on the cutting edge of the accounting industry.  As a QuickBooks add-on that is right where we want to be.  We get a kick out of talking to others in the industry, whether we are talking about how PrintBoss can help their business by improving their accounts payable processes, or just discussing the newest trends in the industry.  No matter what the topic of conversation is, any conversation you have at Scaling New Heights is going to be interesting.

    For this reason, we hope everyone will come to the PrintBoss booth (#32) to tell us about your business and what you are looking for in the QuickBooks add-on market.  As an enticement and to learn a little about all the QuickBooks Pro-Advisors out there, we are running a campaign this year, where anyone that comes to our booth and takes a 1 minute survey, will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card.  That’s like charging a consulting rate of $300/hour!  That’s pretty goodJ.

    We hope to see you in San Antonio and please stop by the PrintBoss booth to talk QuickBooks add-ons, get a Starbucks card, and get to know us.  See you in a few days!

  • QuickBooks Check Printing Security

    Welcome to the third installment of our look at QuickBooks check printing security as we head toward the Scaling New Heights conference in June.  The first week we took a broad look at how printing checks onto blank check stock improves your accounts payable security.  Then last week we dove deeper into the security features behind and embedded within our check stock, like fluorescent fibers, micro-printing, and toner grip paper.  This week we continue this topic of security by turning our attention to the software side of the equation.  While QuickBooks provides a lot of accounting security, when it comes to your check printing needs, Intuit leaves it to third-party software like PrintBoss to provide solutions.

    Today we’re going to focus on two security enhancement features offered with PrintBoss: electronic signatures and Positive Pay file creation.

    Electronic Signatures

    PrintBoss enables electronic signatures to be printed on checks.  Furthermore, PrintBoss enables signing rules to be associated with each signature, creating deeper security levels.  Each PrintBoss signature is created and encrypted by Wellspring Software.  The signature file is then placed on media (typically a USB), which is then sent to the client.  This media not only houses the file which can then be saved in the PrintBoss database, but it also serves as a key by which the signature may be enabled.

    Within PrintBoss, signing rules may be applied to each signature.  Signing rules include bank account associations and dollar amount.  For example, if a check is printed for ABC company, from bank account 123, then John Smith’s signature will always print on the check.  But if the check is over a certain amount, say $500, then Jane Smith’s signature will also print.

    The electronic signature feature ensures checks will be signed appropriately with every check run and saves you time signing them.  It also increases security in your processes through the encrypted signature file, requiring a signature key to unlock a signature, and by requiring checks to have certain signatures.

    Check security

    Positive Pay File Creation

    Positive Pay is commonly regarded as the most secure method of check payment.  Positive Pay enables you to monitor checks processed for payment against your account, and reject unauthorized checks.  By sending your bank a file after each check run outlining the payees, amounts, dates, etc. of your authorized checks, the bank can then match all checks processed against your account.  If any check does not match the information provided in your Positive Pay file, that check is rejected.

    Each bank is different and requires different formatting and information provided in the Positive Pay file.  Furthermore, creating this Positive Pay file can be difficult and time consuming…but not with PrintBoss.  PrintBoss will do all of his for you, automatically.  Wellspring Software will create a custom Positive Pay form file based off your bank’s specifications.  Once created, PrintBoss will automatically generate the Positive Pay file your bank requires.  All you have to do is send it to the bank, often by some ftp.

    In other words, PrintBoss eliminates all of the hassle and pain of Positive Pay, making it efficient and enabling you to protect your accounts payable against check fraud.

    Electronic signatures and Positive Pay file creation are just two of many security features available with PrintBoss.  Check out the rest of our website to learn more.

    Try our 30 day free trial to learn firsthand how PrintBoss can save you time and money, while increasing your security.

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