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Scaling New Heights 2015 Takeaways on QuickBooks and Business

Scaling New Heights 2015 is in the books!  In four intense days, attendees took a deep dive into QuickBooks and its surrounding environment.  Through general sessions, class instruction, sponsor exhibits, and networking, attendees had the opportunity to grow and improve their own businesses and practices.  Here are our takeaways:

1)      QuickBooks Online is growingPB at SNH

No doubt Intuit is pushing QuickBooks Online.  Every Intuit rep, whether in the QuickBooks booth or giving a speech on the main stage, preached the value of QuickBooks Online.  This was starkly contrasted by the nearly 1500 QuickBooks Pro Advisors in attendance that constantly questioned Intuit on their handling of the desktop legacy programs.  But this is nothing new.  The theme of the last several years of QuickBooks related conferences has been, why is there no parity between QBO and QB Enterprise in particular?  SNH15 was no different, neither in the questions being asked, nor in Intuit’s response.  Simply, QBO will never reach feature parity with QuickBooks Enterprise.

As Intuit employees get pushed more and more with this line of questioning, their responses eventually come down to, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Look, you can complain and do/sell anything you want.  We are trying to move everyone to QuickBooks Online.  So either get on board or sell something else.”  Their actual phrasing is more along the lines of, QuickBooks Online is a growing market and we just want to make you all aware of the opportunity.

Intuit did give two telling stats regarding QBO.  First, there are currently about 1 million QBO users.  Last Fall at QuickBooks Connect they quoted 700K QBO users.  That’s significant growth in less than one year.  Second, 60% of all new QuickBooks users are using QuickBooks Online.  So while most users are still on QuickBooks desktop versions, that number is changing in favor of QBO.

2)      We sell a Story and our product is a Reaction

This was a common theme throughout the conference.  Jon Taffer ("Bar Rescue" host) yelled about it during his animated keynote and Joe Woodard continually brought it up during his many speeches.  Telling a story means that you’re not just SNH speechgiving a client financial data or processing their payroll, you are giving them the ability to make decisions to grow their company so they can move into that new office building or put their kid through college.  The excitement or joy or enthusiasm your client feels after talking with you and hearing your story is your product.  That’s why you’re in business.  Making money is a nice product of being in businessJ.

3)      Accountants are moving from Score Keeper to Coach

With all the new technology in the marketplace, accountants now have the tools and time to be less bookkeeper and more business consultant.  Data automation allows much of the time accountants used to spend collecting and inputting data to be used instead to analyze and recommend.  This is both more productive and lucrative for the client and accountant.

4)      Scaling New Heights 2016 is in the Bahamas!

There’s not much else to say other than PrintBoss will be there!