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Scaling New Heights 2014 Recap: We are definitely climbing higher

The Scaling New Heights conference has established itself in two ways.  1) As an industry barometer, which gives us a clear reading of the QuickBooks market. Are sales strong or languid? What 3rd party products are helping to focus sales? And 2) as an accurate road sign guiding us to stay aware of the newest features and programs offered by Intuit, and to stay in the mainstream of new technology designed to enhance the use of QuickBooks.

The conference is always informative, interesting and even entertaining.  Joe Woodard, the host of the conference, explained how the new online version of QuickBooks will clean up the process of using QuickBooks just as effectively as a “poop-less cat” would keep a clean litter box.  Joe and Intuit both stressed that while the QuickBooks desktop versions would not be going away anytime soon, most development will be going into QuickBooks Online.

JW Marriott San AntonioInterestingly, Intuit indicated it would not strive for building parity between the desktop and online versions, but instead expects the “Intuit Ecosystem” to bring about that parity through 3rd party app development.  In this effort, Intuit claims they are working to open up their IPP (Intuit Partner Platform) so that developers have more access to data.  Intuit even held a developer open forum where the IPP team took uncensored questions.  The packed room indicated how much the “Intuit Ecosystem” has really grown.

This “Intuit Ecosystem” was an important topic of discussion.  Not only is Intuit working to leverage it for QuickBooks Online parity, but it is also using it to partner with companies like American Express to fulfill all business needs, not just bookkeeping ones.  This partnership, for example, will allow QuickBooks users to utilize American Express Open’s small business alternate funding options.  These funding options are not typically available through banks.  American Express is also enabling receipt matching with QuickBooks Online.  More partners will enable more tools to solve all types of business problems.

The 2014 Scaling New Heights was the largest of its kind ever. It attracted QuickBooks Pro Advisors from all corners of the country. The exchange of information among attendees was a constant theme both in the structured presentations, in the sessions and at every meal or social event.  The sharing of information and ideas was exhilarating.

The location, the JW Marriott in San Antonio, was a perfect venue for the event because it was both beautiful and focused. It was difficult to ignore the breath taking beauty that created an environment where you never got bored.  You always looked forward to the next planned activity that was sure to make you better for your investment.

We need more events like Scaling New Heights where we come together with a common focus and everyone leaves happier and smarter because we all shared something valuable.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, June 21-24.