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Save Time with PrintBoss

As a small business owner, there is always something that needs to be done.  The problem is that the business of a running a business is too time consuming.  What if there were 36 hours in a day?  Or even 48?  Think how much more you could accomplish given this extra time.  You could empty out your email inbox, pay bills on time, do payroll in a timely manner, and maybe even do some business development projects.  Or if you don’t want to spend your extra time at work, you could for once eat a leisurely breakfast, take that spin class you keep missing in the afternoons, drop your kids off at soccer practice, or just enjoy a good read beneath a sun soaked sky.  You could actually do everything you want to do and still do everything you have to do on time.

At Wellspring Software we understand your time pressures and that’s why we created PrintBoss.  PrintBoss gives you more time by doing your work for you.  PrintBoss eliminates the headaches associated with check stock: no more locking up, counting, swapping, or ordering pre-printed forms. No waiting on custom orders or rush orders for stock that “suddenly” ran out. Have one stock on hand all the time.  This also eliminates the hassle of the “next check number”.  With PrintBoss you don’t have to choose between check stocks, and thus don’t waste time voiding check numbers when the wrong stock is used (a common cause of rage-induced screaming and keyboard smashing).

PrintBoss saves you even more time by signing all your checks for you or anyone else at your company through many layers of security (to learn more about the miracle of signature printing and security click here).

“That all sounds great Stu, but I spend more time sending, copying and archiving checks than I do printing them.  What can PrintBoss do for me there?”  I’m glad I hypothetically asked myself this question.  With Wellspring Software’s pressure seal checks (and pressure seal invoice paper) PrintBoss can print, fold, and seal your checks (and invoices) in one run.  If you don’t want to pay for postage, PrintBoss can email and/or fax checks (and invoices) with one click.  Furthermore, PrintBoss completely eliminates the copying and archiving process.  How?  It does it for you, electronically.

PrintBoss understands you need more time in your day, so spend your time doing tasks to make your business grow, or take off early and enjoy a quiet dinner with your significant other.  Let PrintBoss do everything else.  It easy, intuitive and smart.  So just use and enjoy.

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