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Save Time with Check Printing Software

Summer is approaching and no one, not even accountants, want to be stuck inside when the warm weather arrives for good.  With those beach days just around the corner, we figured some time saving techniques could prove useful to help even the busiest bookkeepers catch a few rays.

Blank Check Stock

While we all need to get out of our chairs more often, doing so to change out check stock in the printer gets old.  If you print checks from more than one bank account you know what we’re talking about.  Instead of using different preprinted check stock for every bank account, use one blank check stock.  By using a check printing software like PrintBoss, you can print all of the necessary check information like the company name, address, check number, and MICR line for each bank account on the check face.  This way you can print all of your payables from all bank accounts quickly and easily.

Document Distribution

Clients always want documents delivered in different ways.  Some prefer email only.  Some want hard copies.  Others want both.  Some even still want them faxed.  We all spend a lot of time fulfilling these requests.  Instead, handle all document distribution needs automatically.  PrintBoss enables you to print, email, fax, or even archive (see next tip) automatically.  No longer waste your time figuring out which customer wants a hard copy of an invoice and which wants it emailed.  Let PrintBoss manage all that, saving you time to get out of the office.

Archive Documents Automatically

Moving from paper filing to electronic archiving can save you both time and money.  But even if you currently archive documents electronically, PrintBoss’ automatic document archiving can save you even more time.  As described above, PrintBoss can print, email, and archive documents automatically and simultaneously.  Thus you create an invoice then email it to your customer and archive it on your server all in one click.  PrintBoss will even dynamically name the file and folder on your server.

The idea is to save you more time, to allow you to get out of the office and enjoy the warm summer months.  So stop wasting time exchanging check stocks and stumbling through document distribution.  Instead do it all with one click and then go get some sun!