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  • What To Look for in Electronic Payment Software

    EFT, or Electronic Funds Transfer, is becoming popular with today’s businesses, regardless of their size.  Both vendors and employees appreciate the immediate receipt of funds into their bank accounts.  This method of payment is safe and worry free for the recipient – no lost checks, no waiting on the mail, no delays, no hassles.  As a result, many vendors and employees are putting pressure on businesses to offer electronic payments.  The question for business owners is, “What electronic payment software should I use?”

    Of course, ease of use is important when selecting an electronic payment software.  If the software is not simple to use processing time will increase, productivity in accounting will drop, and costs will increase.   The software should be streamlined so once it is setup the only task required of accounting is to upload the electronic payment file to the bank.   As an added benefit, choose electronic payment software that will email the Direct Deposit Statement to the recipient.  This will save money on printing, envelopes, and postage, not to mention the time to stuff envelopes.

    Another consideration in choosing an electronic payment software is expense.  Whether the electronic payment software is a separate purchase or an add-on to your current accounting software, cost is always important.  For business owners, software should pay for itself through streamlining operations and reducing overhead.

    With PrintBoss, you have the luxury of using electronic payment software with no additional software or setup fees.  Both the Select and Enterprise editions of PrintBoss include the NACHA file used in the US for creating electronic payment files.  This is part of the PrintBoss Positive Pay feature.  The electronic payment files are created with every EFT payment batch and saved to the location you choose.  The live checks and direct deposit statements can even be in the same print batch and PrintBoss will know what to do.  In addition, the Enterprise edition of PrintBoss has the ability to automatically email direct deposit statements notifying vendors or employees when the deposit will be made.

    Ease of use, streamlined operations, savings in postage and supplies make PrintBoss the ideal electronic payment software.

  • How to Print QuickBooks Checks from Blank Check Stock

    There is misinformation being circulated regarding the ability to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock, but fortunately for you, PrintBoss is here to straighten things out.  Mis-informants would lead you to believe that it is impossible to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock.  In fact, some people who work for the accounting software giant itself will perpetuate this mis-information.  They will explain that it is possible to print checks from QuickBooks, but they must be preprinted checks (i.e. must have the MICR line and such already printed on the check) and the check must be at the top, above the pay stubs.  For QuickBooks users, this means more expensive check stock and weaker compliancy with banking regulations.  Let us explain.

    By purchasing blank check stock, you are saving 70% on what you would be spending with preprinted stock from QuickBooks or any other manufacturer.  Furthermore, blank check stock saves you the hassle of check number confusion as you no longer have to worry about your checks getting out of order since when you print on blank stock, it is PrintBoss that maintains the order, not the check stock.  Also, blank check stock has innate security as account and routing numbers are not on the check until you print it.

    Regarding compliance, banks request the MICR line be printed on the straightest edge on the check.  By printing checks located above their pay stubs, the MICR line is being printed on a perforated edge.  By printing checks located below their pay stubs, which is PrintBoss’ default setting, the MICR line is printed on a clean edge of the paper.

    It is possible to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock and PrintBoss is how you do it.  Plus it adds no extra keystrokes.  Seamlessly integrated, PrintBoss saves you money and time, while increasing your security.  It’s the answer to so many of your problems.  For a free trial of the software, click here.

  • How Check Printing Software Shaped Business World

    At PrintBoss, we believe check printing software has had a fundamental impact on the shape and functioning of the modern business world. Yes, I said it and I don’t mean it as a joke. Many will argue, and they will be correct, that innovations like the Internet and personal PCs have played a large role. But have they played as significant a role as check printing software? I say no way and let me tell you why.The advent of check printing software took one of the oldest concepts in accounting, writing a check, a concept that was quickly becoming outdated and impractical, and made it relevant and practical again. Over the centuries, as corporations grew and began using armies of banks to support and pay vendors, it became unreasonable to write checks as each bank had multiple accounts and each account multiple check stocks. To the great surprise of many in the accounting industry, it appeared as though check writing was quickly going the way of the Dodo. But then along came two brothers who, as fate would have it, would save and forever change modern business by creating the first ever check printing software—PrintBoss.

    Suddenly printing checks from blank check stock out of multiple bank accounts was not only possible, but simple, straightforward and secure. Did I mention that those two brothers were me and my brother Greg? So through the transitive property, did I save modern business? No, PrintBoss did. For over 20 years now PrintBoss has continued to reshape the business world. Has the Internet and everyone having a personal computer contributed to this change as well? Of course. But I strongly believe that without PrintBoss, the world would be a very different place. A worse place. So here’s to innovation and our ability to print checks.

    To learn about new ways that PrintBoss is changing the landscape, click here to learn about electronic payments. Now you can print checks and process electronic payments in the same check run and you don’t even have to think about it. PrintBoss—it’s intelligent software.

  • Tell Us Your New Year’s Resolution And Win A Starbuck’s Gift card

    Every year at Wellspring Software we have the same New Year’s resolution: to better serve our customers. The beautiful thing about this resolution is 1) we don’t have to come up with new resolutions each year and 2) we can fulfill our resolution each year yet still improve the following year because there are always new opportunities to serve our customers. And serving our customers is the driving force of innovation at our company. We are a customer-centric enterprise, meaning all product development is done from the customer’s perspective. This is why over the years we have introduced features like positive pay file creation, ACH payment, and the ability to email copies of documents rather than printing them, to name a few. These innovations did not come from a lab or an engineers’ luncheon, but rather from our customers. They came from us talking to you, hearing your frustrations and wants, and finding ways to solve your accounting problems.

    It is for this reason that we ask you, what are your New Year’s accounting resolutions? Let us solve yours and in turn you solve ours. Like our Facebook page and post to let us know what you would like added or changed in PrintBoss. If you can’t think of anything else you want PrintBoss to do, let us know which feature you like most. As a bonus to fulfilling your accounting resolutions, by participating you will be automatically entered to win one of 30 Starbuck’s gift cards to be drawn on January 31st. Think of it as Wellspring rewarding you for fulfilling your New Year’s resolution…but all you have to do is tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest.

    Have a happy and fulfilling New Years!
    The Wellspring Team

  • Still a grand idea

    PrintBoss helps you work smarter.  With automatic document archiving, positive pay file creation, ACH capabilities, and a whole slew of other features, PrintBoss makes life easier by helping you work smarter not harder.  But before all of this “intelligence”, PrintBoss did something so smart that in 1990 almost no one had done it before.  It printed checks on blank check stock.  It got rid of the expensive, copious, and cumbersome preprinted checks from the bank, allowing accountants around the country to rejoice in the freedom of smart software.

    It seems a simple idea, but it transformed the industry.  That was over twenty years ago and today that fundamental feature is continuing to change lives all across North America.  By saving people time and money by enabling them to print their own QuickBooks checks on blank check stock, which is less expensive and more secure than preprinted check stock, PrintBoss has revolutionized the accounting industry.  And we have done it in style by allowing people to choose from a wide array of color schemes for their blank checks.  Click here to check out our blank check options and click here to learn more about PrintBoss and its smarter way of doing business.

  • Save Money with PrintBoss

    Someone once showed me a plan where I could save money in my business by making the parking lot closer to my office. By removing a flower plot, adding a few parking spaces, and walking 15 less steps to and from my car each day, I would, apparently, realize a treasure trove of savings.  Really?  I tried running between my car and desk a few days, saw no return and stopped.  The problem, besides realizing how out-of-shape I was, is a general acceptance of a vague business mantra: Save Money.  Don’t get me wrong, I try to save anywhere I can, a lesson I learned from my Dad who used to hang up used paper towels for reuse.  But, to affect real savings one must be smart and efficient about it.  More simply, in the accounting industry, saving works when one uses PrintBoss.

    PrintBoss prints checks onto blank check stock which is about one quarter the price of pre-printed check stock.  If you are printing invoices or other accounting documents with PrintBoss you are printing onto blank white paper and saving over 90% of the price you would otherwise pay for pre-printed stock. So, with the very first form you print with PrintBoss you are literally saving money.  It’s smart and efficient.

    Furthermore, when you print forms with PrintBoss you can print a form and have it faxed or emailed at the same time. This saves money because everything happens at once: printing, faxing, emailing and even creating an archival copy of the document. With no effect on the printing process, you can encourage any of your customers to start accepting electronic forms. You simply tag a customer and PrintBoss will automatically send an email form, which will continually reduce the cost of paper forms that you are sending.

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t build that new parking spot in your lobby or ring out your used paper towels, I’m just saying that PrintBoss will save you the money that affects your bottom line.  It can do that because it’s smart and efficient, like you.

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