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QuickBooks Direct Deposit: How to Make it Secure and Easy

With PrintBoss, QuickBooks direct deposits are easy and secure.  It is easy because there are no additional installation steps required to create direct deposits from QuickBooks and it is secure because of the features PrintBoss provides.

Set-Up is Easy

First, setup your company bank account in PrintBoss and create a list of your employees' E-mail addresses.  The list of E-mail addresses in PrintBoss or Payee List is used to automatically send a password protected direct deposit advice form to each employee on the list.

Next, create the payroll checks as you normally would do.  Click on ‘Print’ and PrintBoss takes over formatting and processing your direct deposits from information provided by QuickBooks.  With one click you can create checks with secure encrypted signatures for those employees that prefer checks; create a Positive Pay file for security; create an ACH file formatted to the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) specifications; and create a PDF file copy for archives.

Positive Pay Files

Today it is easy for anyone to scan a check for automatic deposit.  Intentionally or not, this can lead to depositing a check twice: once by scanning and again at the bank.  How can a business protect itself?

An increasing number of banking institutions are offering a Positive Pay service for check fraud protection.  This is a formatted text or csv file listing all valid checks written on a bank account.  The file is transmitted to the bank and only checks identified in this file are cashed by the bank.  If the bank receives checks that are slightly different, or a duplicate, the bank will not accept the checks.

PrintBoss generates a Positive Pay file for each check in the batch.  The structure of the Positive Pay file is designed to match individual bank requirements.

NACHA ACH Transfer Files

ACH transfer file creation is automatic with PrintBoss.  It begins the process of depositing your employees' pay directly into their accounts even if you're away from the office on payday or if they work remotely.

Email an advice statement

PrintBoss will also automatically send an E-mail to each employee on the Payee List.  The E-mail will have a message from you and a PDF copy of their paystub.  This E-mail can also include additional attachments.  For example, say you have a new HR benefit you want to announce.  A PDF explaining the benefit can be attached along with the QuickBooks direct deposit advice.

PDF File Copies

As part of the process, PrintBoss can also create a PDF file copy to archive by employee, date, or location--- whatever makes sense for your organization.  Some clients are saving these PDF copies to CRM systems to interface with HR systems.

With PrintBoss, QuickBooks direct deposits are easy and secure.