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QuickBooks Connect

  • Recapping QuickBooks Connect 2014: The Power of We

    "Change Me into the power of WE."  This was the overarching theme of QuickBooks Connect 2014, which concluded Wednesday night with a memorable concert by Train in the reconfigured main stage in the San Jose convention center. What a way to end a great conference that served as a way for accounting professionals, developers, and small businesses alike to come together with intuit in a manner that hasn't been done since...well ever.

    The unique format spanned Monday to Wednesday.  Accounting professionals interested in a QuickBooks "deep dive" arrived on Monday for classes that delved into QuickBooks subjects ranging from data file integrity, to tax time preparation, to advanced reporting capability to name a few.  Developers were there early as well with many participating in the Intuit sponsored "hack-a-thon," in which teams competed for cash prizes developing new QBO apps with a recently released QB API. Imitating the current hot show "shark tank," teams were then judged by panelists, peers, and experts in a pressure cooking final day with a winner being chosen at the conclusion. The winning team came from Method CRM who created a clever app to simplify charitable donations for non-profit users of QBO.

    The final day saw close to 4,000 attendees flowing through the San Jose convention center. Keynote and closing speakers included the likes of Magic Johnson, Martha Stewart, Giuliana Rancic, and Ariana Huffington. Each spoke about his or her journey as entrepreneurs overcoming obstacles, working harder than they ever thought possible, and experiencing the ultimate reward of starting a business that became both profitable and sustainable.  A special note has to be made touting the opening and closing remarks by Sekou Harris the poet/motivational speaker whose ability to weave inspiration and invoicing, emotion and accounting, and passion and purchase orders so seemlessly was mind blowing to say the least.

    Intuit is working to help accountants and end users alike "change me into the power of we" through its software offerings and pro advisor program.  Both are designed to empower each group to save time and money, which Intuit asserts will enable everyone to focus their efforts on the things they do best, thus adding value to their businesses.

  • Improve Your QuickBooks Use at QuickBooks Connect and Solutions14 Conferences

    The next month is a big month for the QuickBooks market.  With the QuickBooks Connect conference happening next week in sunny San Jose, CA, to be followed less than a month later by the Solutions14 conference by the Sleeter Group, the next month should provide amble opportunity to learn and discover the benefits of QuickBooks and its add-on market.

    In preparation for these next 30 days, we thought we’d take a little space to discuss the two conferences coming up, what we’re excited about, and how this impacts you.

    QuickBooks Connect 2014

    With pre-conference seminars beginning this upcoming Monday, the QuickBooks Connect conference is just around the corner.  The beauty of the Connect conference is that it is designed not only for accountants, but for all small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Intuit prides itself on delivering a wide range of tools to the SMB market that go beyond debits and credits.  From classes on developing innovation to how to use social media in your marketing, QuickBooks Connect has seminars for everyone.  Combine that with the impressive keynote speakers on deck like Martha Stewart, Giuliana Rancic, and Magic Johnson, as well as musical headliner, Train, it’s clear QuickBooks Connect is one conference you don’t want to miss.

    Solutions14 by The Sleeter Group

    We’re less than a month away from Solutions14 in Las Vegas, NV.  Like last year, the conference will be held at Caesar’s Palace on the strip.  Over the last few years, Sleeter has expanded its conference by making it not so QuickBooks centric (though QB is still the “Diamond” exhibitor) by inviting other host accounting software like Sage and Xero to share some of the spotlight.  This wider market, along with the many add-on software also in the exhibit hall (like us at Wellspring Software!), give attendees a great opportunity to gain a clear understanding of what is happening in the accounting industry.  You can always count on the Sleeter Group to highlight top trends and technology in the market with keynote addresses and tech focused seminars like “Is Bitcoin your future?”

    Both of these conferences provide accountants and small businesses a clearer understanding of what is currently available in the market, what’s coming down the pipeline, and best practices to improve efficiency and increase profits. We look forward to seeing you at either conference!

  • QuickBooks Connect and Printing QuickBooks Checks from the Cloud

    Are you going to the QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose, CA October 21-23?  If you plan to miss it, or haven’t heard of it, we suggest you look into it.  The conference itself is only a day and a half, but is bookended by QuickBooks training sessions covering everything from QuickBooks and Excel, to tax time and QuickBooks.  This is the first end user conference Intuit has put on for the QuickBooks market since the 2007 conference in Dallas, Texas.

    The beauty of the 2014 rendition in San Jose is that Intuit is structuring the conference not only for accountants and bookkeepers, but for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Intuit has defined sessions by four categories: Accountant, Entrepreneur, Small Business, and Developer.  The agenda then defines sessions by which category or categories apply.  Attendees have the option to go to any number of sessions per time period.  This gives businesses the opportunity to bring several employees from different departments to not only learn but network.QB Connect

    As always, collaboration and network building are key components of the conference.  With breaks around the coffee machines and among the exhibitors in the exhibit hall, attendees will not only have a chance to mingle with each other, but get to see what is happening in the QuickBooks marketplace.  All exhibitors at QuickBooks Connect have to work with the QuickBooks Online API.  This is part of Intuit’s push to get users to the Cloud with QuickBooks Online.  Despite this push from the accounting software giant, QuickBooks users have maintained their loyalty and trust in the desktop versions.  Nonetheless, Intuit remains determined to move the market online.

    Here at Wellspring Software, we are excited that no matter which way QuickBooks users go, to the cloud or remaining with desktop, they can all use PrintBoss to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  With our integration as a printer driver, PrintBoss can connect with all versions as long as they have access to a printer.  This way everyone who prints QuickBooks checks from more than one bank account can save time and money
    by printing from all accounts onto one check stock.

    If you’re heading to San Jose in October, let us know because we would love to meet you, hear about your business, and talk about your QuickBooks check printing needs.  In the meantime, or if you don’t plan on attending QuickBooks Connect, try PrintBoss for free for 30 days with our free trial!

    We look forward to seeing everyone in California!

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