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quickbooks check printing software

  • Printing Checks from QuickBooks to Blank Bottom Checks

    “I setup PrintBoss easily with all my bank information and have it connected to QuickBooks, but I have always printed check on top and it is printing check on bottom.  How do I change this format?”

    This is a common refrain we get from new PrintBoss users.  It makes sense as many other check printing software use the check on top format as their default format.  Particularly for the QuickBooks market, where many are coming to PrintBoss from using pre-printed QuickBooks checks, which are check on top, this is a very reasonable request.Top vs Bottom checks

    When we created PrintBoss, particularly PrintBoss Select and Enterprise, both our QuickBooks versions, we anticipated this would be a common question.  So, we made changing between forms easy.  It’s so easy, in fact, that we put the instructions in a short FAQ:

    But there is a reason the PrintBoss default check format is check on bottom.  It’s quite simple really—banks prefer it that way.  Banks request that the MICR line be printed on the cleanest edge of the paper.  This is so it is easier for magnetic and optical readers used by banks to read it.  The cleanest edge on any check is the bottom edge.  With top checks, the MICR line is printed on a perforated edge that can sometimes be difficult for check readers to read.  With bottom checks, the MICR line is always on a clean edge, resulting in fewer declined checks.

    For this reason we suggest to new clients that they transition to bottom checks.  Again, we understand that they may have a stock of top checks that they want to use before buying new checks of any kind, so we made it easy to switch back and forth.  But for optimal check printing, bottom checks are the only way to go.

    Try the PrintBoss check printing software today with our 30-day free trial.  When you purchase any version of PrintBoss, you get 500 free bottom checks.

  • Unlimited Seats for your QuickBooks Add-On

    A common question we get regarding our QuickBooks add-on software, PrintBoss, is, “how many seats come with a license?”  This is an important question for many QuickBooks users, as they have several people in their office that use QuickBooks.

    Most QuickBooks versions today come with a defined number of seats per license.  More seats costs more money.  Consequently, when evaluating and valuing a QuickBooks add-on, it is important to know if it will work in your current QuickBooks environment.  Most QuickBooks add-ons, like QuickBooks itself, come with a limited number of seats, or the pricing structure is based on the number of seats required.  Particularly as the market moves toward cloud applications which are typically subscription based, charging per seat is easier and more lucrative.

    When people see our small $150 price tag for PrintBoss Select and then see that it also includes 500 blank checks to get them started, it is understandable that their assumption is that the license only covers one or two seats.  The fact is, a $150 PrintBoss Select license has unlimited seats.  Once PrintBoss is installed on a network, then as many seats on that network that want can access PrintBoss. We call them workstation installations.  Here’s an FAQ we have on how to do the various PrintBoss installs.

    The purpose of PrintBoss is to enable you to print checks from QuickBooks onto blank checks, and to improve and automate your document distribution…no matter how many people use it.  We understand that in any given company these two processes are not confined to one individual.  For that reason we designed PrintBoss to enable communication and workflow between any number of people.

    Try our 30-day free trial of PrintBoss to experience how PrintBoss can work for your office.

  • Growth of the World Wide Web and PrintBoss Check Printing Software: Chicken or the Egg?

    Everyone is celebrating this week as the World Wide Web turns 25.  It truly is a global birthday, as few can say they have never interacted with the global network.  “www.” has prefaced nearly every great startup over the past 25 years, and played a pivotal role in the development of the old stalwarts as well.  But has this network gotten too much credit?  Is it even responsible for its own success?

    Most this week have celebrated Tim Berners-Lee for his pioneering work as the inventor of the Web.  It is said that it was his proposal for an information management system in March of 1989 and his continued work as the director of the World Wide Web Consortium and the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation that has resulted in the Web’s ubiquitous acceptance and success today.  This is all well and good, but here at Wellspring Software we know that there is another correlation that is generally overlooked that is at least modestly responsible for the Web’s success.

    It is rarely documented and thus few realize that while the seed for the Web was planted in 1989 it was with the invention of a certain check printing software in 1990 that helped the Web gain popularity.  Back in those days, the software was called LaserCheck.  Developed by two young brothers, this DOS based application enabled small to mid-sized businesses to print their own checks.  Today, this software’s Windows based relative is known as PrintBoss.  Is it coincidence that as PrintBoss grew from its roots in 1990, the World Wide Web grew too?

    “As much as most would like to say it was organic acceptance, the Web’s growth is probably more attributable to Wellspring Software and its check printing software than anything else,” an anonymous source close to the situation said this week.

    “I suppose it could have been the other way around,” another Web user commented.  “Did PrintBoss spread the Web, or did the Web spread PrintBoss.  It’s kind of a chicken or the egg type of thing.”

    “That is a ridiculous question.  Obviously the Web helped spread PrintBoss more than PrintBoss spread the web,” said a clearly intoxicated Web fanatic.  “PrintBoss is a check printing software for goodness sake!”  Exactly.

    We have reached out to Tim Berners-Lee for comment on this divisive issue, but have been told by his lawyers that he has no comment because, “Mr. Berners-Lee has no idea what you are talking about.”  Sure he doesn’t.  A likely story for someone who’s reputation is on the line.

    Regardless of which is the driving force, the correlation between the rise of the World Wide Web and that of PrintBoss the check printing software is undeniable.  But does it really matter anyway?  Both save users time and money and that’s all that really matters.  We’ll just call it a symbiotic relationship.

    Try visiting our PrintBoss 30-day free trial World Wide Web site to download the trial yourself and experience the savings.

  • QuickBooks Check Printing Software Solves Valentine's Day Dilemma

    Happy Valentine’s Day!  This day divides the sexes more than healthcare does political parties.  To women this day excites feelings of love, romance, and sharing.  To men, the ubiquitous hearts around grocery stores and pharmacies beginning February first, drum up feelings of dread, anxiety, and paralyzing pressure.  For women, Valentine’s Day is a natural expression of how they feel, a chance to put into cards, gifts, and gestures the love they have for those closest to them.  For men, V-Day is more akin to D-Day, as they storm the beaches of their respective relationships with little hope and no back-up.

    But there is hope.  Here at Wellspring Software, we’ve been on both sides of this divisive day.  That’s why, among other reasons like saving accountants time and money while increasing their security, we created PrintBoss.  Buy your significant other a PrintBoss license for Valentine’s Day and ladies, give your man the tools he wants to print QuickBooks checks, and gentlemen, show your woman you care enough to provide her the accounting security she needs all year round.

    Some may laugh at the notion of giving your loved one a QuickBooks check printing software for a day dedicated to romance and love.  But why do we give red roses?  Because they are beautiful and are the color of love.  Well, PrintBoss’ elegant interface will leave you breathless and each copy of PrintBoss includes 500 blue/red checks that are reminiscent of a royal blue sky fading to the red hues of sunset.  What’s more romantic than that?

    Why do we give chocolates?  Because they are sweet and decadent just like the love you share with your significant other.  Well, if it’s a sweet tooth you’re looking to satiate, then let your loved one sink her teeth into the sweet features of PrintBoss that will enable her to create ACH files or print checks to blank check stock.  You want decadence?  What’s more self-indulgent than using a piece of software that will do everything you want automatically, like emailing purchase orders and filing archival PDFs of your accounting documents?

    Let’s make Valentine’s Day fun and easy for everyone.  Show your loved ones how much you care, by giving them PrintBoss.

    Download a 30 day free trial today.

  • If Payment Processing Were an Olympic Sport...

    It would be considered one of the greatest events.  It would be played like the decathlon, made up of several different events, each depending upon the speed, ease, and accuracy of the processed payment.  Each software would be required to complete each event and their aggregate scores would determine the winner.  The events would be representative of the many facets and methods of payment processing.  As vendors and employees alike prefer payment in different methods, the payment processing Olympic sport would take all of this into consideration.  So the events would be as follows:

    Wild card payment creation: This event would be held to symbolize that in the innovative payment processing industry, no company or person likes to be paid the same way.  In this event, softwares would be asked to create a payment file for processing.  The trick is that no one would know what type of file would be required to be made.  Is it an ACH, ePay, or Positive Pay file?  Only the prepared and agile softwares would succeed.

    Check printing: Although millions of dollars each year are invested in payment processing innovation, check payments remain ubiquitous in B2B relationships.  In fact, according to a 2013 survey conducted by the Association of Financial Professionals, over 50% of organizations make their B2B payments by check.  No other payment processing method has nearly that usage.  So in this Olympics, softwares would have to demonstrate how easily and accurately they can print checks, particularly onto blank check stock as that has the largest cost savings associated with it.

    Number of accounting software integrations: Payment softwares must be integrated with an accounting software.  But not all companies use the same accounting software and some companies use multiple accounting softwares.  Accounting firms may process the books for hundreds of clients, all of which would have different accounting systems or differently set up accounting systems.  A payment software must integrate with all of them.

    Quality of accounting software integrations: Even more than simply integrating with a great number of accounting software packages, a payment software must be so intricately integrated that a user would not be able to tell where one begins and the other ends.  There should be no manual passing or opening of files between the two.  One should share information with the other automatically.  Ideally no extra steps should be added to any processes.  To print blank checks from a check printing software, for example, should add zero extra steps than it would take someone to print expensive preprinted checks through QuickBooks.  Just click print in QuickBooks and the check prints through the check printing software.

    Ease of interface: The Payment software interface should be easy and intuitive.  This event will come on the heels of the integration events as the cleaner the integration, the easier and cleaner the interface.  Users should be able to set up security restrictions and accounting settings quickly and accurately.

    Security: In payment processing, security is a key area of importance and concern for users.  For this reason, to win the payment processing Olympic gold, a software was contain numerous security features.  Having access to each feature in order to utilize it or not is key.  The ability to set user restrictions with various points of security is ideal.  Allowing one user in a company to only view printed checks and another to actually be able to print those checks, for example, is important.

    Customization ability: Does the software allow for customization of payment files and types.  When printing checks, can you set different configurations?  Can you create Positive Pay files?  Can you select customized payment options in the settings of each account to allow for automatic processing of payments to specified vendors?  No single company is the same, so a payment software must be customizable to each user.

    We realize this is not a sport and will probably never be recognized by the Olympic committee, but if it were, we are very confident that PrintBoss would take home the gold.  With all of the above mentioned features, including 29 points of security customization and a price tag of only $150, how could it not win?

    So while you watch this year’s Winter Olympics, try the gold standard of check printing software with our free 30-day trial of PrintBoss.  We guarantee it will make you feel like a winner.

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