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QuickBooks Business Checks Made Easy

A lot of what we do here at Wellspring Software surrounds printing QuickBooks business checks.  This may not be surprising as this is a large and varied process.  There are many components that go into processing QuickBooks business checks.  There are even many ways to go about printing QuickBooks business checks…but that is not to say that all ways are equal.  Some ways are better than others, but PrintBoss is better than them all.

For starters, there are many different methods to print checks.  Intuit will tell you that you have to print checks onto preprinted check stock.  That would mean that every bank account from which or company for which you print checks would require its own check stock.  This can become not only expensive by cumbersome as you must then inventory all these different check stocks.  The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to use preprinted checks.  With PrintBoss, you can print QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock.  This saves you 80% on the cost of preprinted checks as well as the hassle of changing checks out, keeping track of check numbers, and inventorying countless check stocks.

Furthermore, there are security considerations with QuickBooks business checks.  From the paper itself to the software used to print the checks, it is important to maintain security throughout your check printing.  By using blank check stock, there is no risk of someone stealing your bank information from your unused check stock.  As preprinted QuickBooks business checks have your address, routing and account numbers on the unused stock, this is a liability.  PrintBoss also provides security through its signature printing feature, as well as its ability to create positive pay forms for a completely secure method of check printing.

Printing QuickBooks business checks is an essential process of many companies.  As such, why not make it less expensive and more secure?  By using PrintBoss you accomplish both of these while adding zero extra keystrokes.

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