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QuickBooks Add-On Provides Better Document Distribution

We talk a lot about the document distribution capabilities of PrintBoss.  We talk about how PrintBoss can fax, email, or archive any document that is printed through PrintBoss.  We talk about how it can do this automatically and how we call them SmartDocs.  But, you might still say, “QuickBooks can do that by itself.  Why do I need a QuickBooks add-on?”  Let us explain.

While you are partially right, in that QuickBooks can do things like email documents and even create PDF copies of said documents (though it can’t archive them on folders it created on your computer or server), QuickBooks can’t do it to the extent and ease that PrintBoss can.  Heck, Intuit readily admits that its QuickBooks add-on marketplace is designed to fill in the feature gaps of its software.  They have put even more emphasis on the marketplace when they announced that their QuickBooks Online products would never reach feature parity with their desktop versions.  Rather, they are relying on the marketplace to achieve this parity.Smart Docs

But back to the document distribution feature.  QuickBooks allows you to email documents to a list of email addresses.  For example, if you have 100 invoices to send to 100 clients, with QuickBooks you could import a list of email addresses and send the invoices to those emails.  But what if not all 100 clients want to receive their invoice by email?  What if a handful want it faxed and another group want it mailed?  In that case, you would have to run three separate processes with QuickBooks.  But if you printed those invoices through our QuickBooks add-on PrintBoss, PrintBoss would know which clients wanted them emailed, which wanted them faxed, and which wanted them snail mailed.  In that case, PrintBoss would only physically print those that wanted their invoice mailed and then it would email and fax straight from the PrintBoss software.  You don’t have to do a thing.  That's what makes PrintBoss SmartDocs so smart!

PrintBoss can do all of these things simultaneously and automatically.  To save you even more time, the PrintBoss integration with QuickBooks is seamless, adding zero extra steps.  PrintBoss is designed to save you time and money and it does this as a QuickBooks add-on with its document distribution feature.

Try distributing your documents with PrintBoss free for 30 days with our free trial.