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QuickBooks Add-On Makes Accounting Easier

Do more with QuickBooks and PrintBoss!  QuickBooks is a powerful small-business accounting package, but it doesn’t always do everything your business needs.    PrintBoss integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and saves you time and money.  PrintBoss, a QuickBooks add-on, can print to blank check stock, print documents to different printers, print signatures and logos, create Positive Pay files, and more!

Select PrintBoss as the QuickBooks default check printer to print to blank check stock.  PrintBoss prints all of the check formats available in QuickBooks and more, including:

  • Voucher Style – PrintBoss can print checks on the top, middle, or bottom stub just by selecting the check format within PrintBoss.
  • Standard – Simply select the Standard Check Style within QuickBooks and PrintBoss will print as Standard check.  It will also ask if you are starting with the second or third check on the page.
  • Wallet – Similar to Standard checks, PrintBoss will inquire if you are starting with the second or third check.

Printing to blank check stock is economical and secure.  Blank check stock eliminates the need to lock up preprinted checks where the account number is already printed.

But printing to blank check stock is not the only way PrintBoss saves you time and money.  Using a QuickBooks add-on to print to different printers has never been easier than with PrintBoss.  The Multi-Parts and Printers tab on the PrintBoss form allows you to select different printers and printer trays for printing documents.  You never need to print 2 copies from QuickBooks again.  Simply print to PrintBoss and allow the PrintBoss form to print the desired number of copies to the right printers and printer trays.

PrintBoss also makes it easy to print Signatures and Logos as well.  Do you have multiple companies with different logos?  No problem for this QuickBooks add-on.  Each PrintBoss bank record has a Signatures & Logos tab.  Add one logo and up to 2 signatures for each bank record.  PrintBoss will automatically print the correct logo and signature(s) when the bank record is selected during printing.  The Signatures & Logos tab allows you to adjust the placement and size of each logo and signature as well.  Both JPG and BMP files can be used with PrintBoss.

Furthermore, Positive Pay files have become an important security tool for many companies to prevent check fraud.  PrintBoss, as a QuickBooks add-on, has the ability to create Positive Pay files to submit to your bank.  Whether your bank will accept one of the standard files provided with PrintBoss or whether you need to order a custom file, this QuickBooks add-on automatically creates the Positive Pay file for each check batch and saves it to the location you designate.  There are no extra steps during printing.  Both checks and the Positive Pay files are processed at the same time.

If you are looking for a QuickBooks add-on that will save you time and money, try PrintBoss today.  In fact, we are so confident you’ll like it, we’ll let you try it FREE for 30-days.