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  • Print QuickBooks Checks More Efficiently

    There are many ways to print QuickBooks checks.  The difficulty is determining which methods are better than others.  By better, we mean that it is inexpensive, user friendly, and improves your business processes.

    You can print QuickBooks checks straight from QuickBooks.  By purchasing QuickBooks checks from Intuit with your routing and account numbers preprinted on the stock, you can feed these through your standard printer and print the payee and amount lines onto the checks.  This option, although well integrated with your QuickBooks (as it is a standard part of the software), is both expensive and cumbersome.  It does not save you money or improve your business processes.  Preprinted checks are both more expensive and less secure than blank check stock.  They cost 80% more than blank checks and preprinted QuickBooks checks are less secure in that your bank information is already printed on the face of the check.  If your unused check stock were to be stolen, your bank information would be made available.

    The issue is that QuickBooks can’t print checks onto blank check stock…but PrintBoss can.  PrintBoss allows you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock, adding no extra keystrokes in the process.  PrintBoss will format your checks and print the complete MICR line, including account and routing numbers, on your check.  Even better, it will do it on any style of check you want, be it top, middle, or bottom.  We mention this because QuickBooks only prints top checks, that is, the check on top with the pay stubs beneath.  As banks prefer the MICR line to be on a clean edge, not a perforated edge as they are with top checks, PrintBoss’ default setting is to print bottom checks, where the MICR line sits on the edge of the paper.

    PrintBoss improves other aspects of you check printing process by efficiently increasing your check security.  Electronic signatures, ACH file creation, and Positive Pay payments are just some of the ways that PrintBoss improves check security, adding zero extra keystrokes.

    Try our 30-day free trial to see how PrintBoss can improve your payable process.

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