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PrintBoss Makes QuickBooks Direct Deposit Easy

It has become common practice today to process payroll using the QuickBooks direct deposit feature.  Using this method, an ACH file is created and the funds are transferred to the payee.  Prior to transfer, authorization must first be given by the receiver or payee to accept payment in this fashion.  The ACH file created then in QuickBooks contains certain information requisite to process the transaction.  This information includes the account and routing numbers, the payee name, amount, etc.  The benefit of paying by QuickBooks direct deposit is no check is printed and required to be taken to the bank for cashing.

Although no hard check is given to the payee, a paystub still needs to be given to the employee for his records.  QuickBooks direct deposit cannot send the paystub electronically.  A paystub must be either printed and mailed, or manually emailed to each individual payee.  This is where PrintBoss can help.  PrintBoss can send paystubs for electronic payments via email by automatically creating PDF files of the paystubs, attaching them to emails and sending them either through SMTP servers or directly from your outlook.  By grabbing the payee email address from an authorized field in QuickBooks, PrintBoss knows how and where to create and send the email.

Given the security requirements of emailing a paystub, PrintBoss will even password protect each PDF in case the incorrect email address is entered in QuickBooks.  By using the last four digits of the payee’s social security number, PrintBoss will create a password only the payee will know.

With no extra keystrokes, PrintBoss will complete your QuickBooks direct deposit transaction.  If any of your vendors or employees request not to be paid via QuickBooks direct deposit, PrintBoss will automatically print a live check in the check run.  Again, no extra keystrokes are required.  Just another way how PrintBoss saves you time, money and increases security.

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