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PrintBoss Cleans Up Your QuickBooks Checks Process

It’s finally starting to warm up.  It may have taken until nearly May, and the balmy 85 degree summer days might not quite be here for everyone, but the frigid throes of winter seem to be behind us.  This time of spring warming is often coupled with a general purge of possessions.  Spring cleaning is typically associated with our personal refuse, but maybe this year we can bring this time honored tradition to our businesses.  Why not focus on clearing out those inefficient and time consuming processes and methods and replace them with easy, effective, and cost saving solutions?  We like to start with your QuickBooks checks.

Like all projects, success or failure balances on the tools you have to get the job done.  You may be tired of archaic systems or laborious processes, but if you don’t have the right tools to improve them, then how can your business change?  Well, we’re glad you stumbled on this blog, because we have your answer—PrintBoss.

Small businesses often have the hardest time changing.  Although their size lends toward agility, small businesses are often operated on tight budgets.  This is good, as it demands efficiency and leaves little room for waste.  But when waste does creep into processes, smaller budgets can prevent investment in change.  Fortunately, PrintBoss solves that.  PrintBoss is only $150 and can not only automate much of your accounts payable process, but save you considerable money doing it.

PrintBoss enables you to process your payroll and vendor payments from QuickBooks by check or electronic payment simultaneously.  Most users do this with the PrintBoss feature that enables you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Printing to blank check stock saves you at least 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks, and allows you to print all checks from all bank accounts onto one check stock.  To make it even easier, PrintBoss automatically selects the correct bank account from which to print every check.

Further benefit lies in PrintBoss’ ability to, in the same payment run, process electronic payments alongside check payments.  We realize that not all of your vendors (or employees for that matter) want payment in the same manner.   Some require check payments, while others electronic payment.  If desired, PrintBoss will, instead of printing a check, create an ACH file that can be sent to your vendor.  Similarly, direct deposit files can be created.  This all happens automatically and in the same payment run as check payments.

Beyond the actual processing of payments, PrintBoss will automatically archive, email and fax accounting documents.  This eradicates old processes like paper filing, mailing, and manual faxing.  It’s corporate spring cleaning, and you can do it all with PrintBoss.  With PrintBoss you can get rid of your archaic accounting systems and replace them with automated processes all managed by one software.

Try cleaning up your accounting processes with the free 30 day PrintBoss trial.