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  • QuickBooks® Virtual Conference and Training This September

    On September 16-17, we are excited to participate in the QuickBooks Accounting Virtual Conference, a Woodard® event.  This is a free event for accounting professionals.

    The purpose of the event is training.  With over 5,000 accountants having registered for the conference, Intuit says it is the largest training event for QuickBooks accounting professionals.  The two day event will cover training on both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  While the majority of training will be on QuickBooks Online, the opportunity to learn about what’s new with QuickBooks Desktop is exciting for many of the ProAdvisors out there servicing millions of clients on the desktop editions.Virtual booth

    The majority of the trainings sessions will cover QuickBooks Online Certification exam prep.  This is a 5 part course spanning the two days.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn what’s new in QuickBooks Online, as well as best practices when converting clients from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.  Attendees can listen in on keynote sessions as well, such as Jim McGinnis’ “Firm of the Future” talk, and another on selecting the right payroll system.

    Beyond going to keynotes and general sessions, there will also be ample time for networking with fellow attendees and visiting the virtual exhibit hall.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the many third party products in the QuickBooks market.  With the rise of QuickBooks Online, Intuit is relying more and more heavily on their third party app developers.  It is widely known that parity with the QuickBooks Desktop versions will be met with third party QuickBooks Online add-ons.  So this is an effective time to get to know some of these apps for solutions to you and your clients’ needs.

    Each virtual exhibitor booth will have materials for download and you can come in and live chat with reps from each company, just like a live conference.  PrintBoss will be in the virtual exhibition hall, and we hope you’ll stop by to learn about blank check printing and how it can save your accounts payable team time and money.

    If you’d like to visit PrintBoss before the conference, come tour our website and try our 30 day free trial.

    We look forward to seeing everyone (virtually of course) at the virtual conference.

  • PrintBoss Prints QuickBooks Checks on Blank Check Stock...No Joke!

    What a crazy April Fools week.  As is tradition, tech companies across the web fooled wanting customers into believing announcements of certain ridiculous products.  Many, like Samsung and HTC parodied market trends, announcing new wearable technology such as the Samsung Fingers and HTC’s Gluuv.  Gmail users were alerted Tuesday morning when they opened their email to a new custom selfie theme from the search giant.  Google joked that to date, “…there isn’t a way to share your selfie with others.”

    As always, the pranks were well received by most…but not all.  Many unaccustomed and unsuspecting techies felt cheated and confused.  For many this led to feelings of distrust and suspicion.  We at Wellspring Software would like to take this opportunity to clear the air on certain misperceptions caused by this day of foolery regarding our QuickBooks check printing software, PrintBoss.

    Simultaneous QuickBooks Check Printing and ePayment Processing

    “Your website claims that your software can process checks and ePayments simultaneously.  Is that real or a cruel April Fools joke?  It seems too good to be true.”  -John from Minnesota

    We received this comment from John early Tuesday morning.  He clearly had fallen prey to the tech giants’ games and now was disbelieving of any technological advancement he read about.  John identified this page on our website as being the culprit of his doubt.  Fortunately for John and thousands of others needing to pay some bills by check and others electronically, this is in fact not an April Fools prank.  PrintBoss CAN print QuickBooks checks and electronic payment files simultaneously.  In fact, based on vendor or employee history, PrintBoss knows who to pay with each method, so it will process the two different payments automatically.  All you do is process a payment run in QuickBooks and PrintBoss takes care of the rest, no extra steps.

    Automatic Archiving of Accounting Documents

    “You’re telling me your software, following a payment run, will automatically name and archive all documents associated with the payments processed?  This isn’t my first April Fools day.  Good try.”  -Samantha from Oakland

    That is exactly what we are telling you, Samantha.  As hard as it is to believe, PrintBoss not only processes your payments, but it also handles your filing.  Any accounting documents associated with a payment can be archived by PrintBoss.  Be it an invoice, a purchase order, or even a check stub, PrintBoss will name the file, create a folder if there is not already one created for the vendor/employee, and even password protect certain documents.  The idea is to save you from doing all that tedious, boring work yourself.

    PrintBoss Select is Only $150

    “According to your ‘website’, I can get PrintBoss Select and all its features including check printing, Positive Pay file and ACH file creation, and unlimited bank accounts for only $150.  I already tried to purchase the Samsung Fingers, please tell me this is for real.”  -Adrian from Atlanta

    Fortunately for Adrian and the rest of the accounting world, this is true.  Not only do you get all of those features, but you get them with a seamless integration with QuickBooks.  You print a check like you normally do in QuickBooks and adding zero extra steps, PrintBoss can print that check onto blank check stock, and/or create Positive Pay files and ACH files.  Many QuickBooks users don’t realize how provincial QuickBooks check printing is until they have experienced PrintBoss.

    Try PrintBoss FREE for 30-days to experience all these amazing features and more.  And I should probably say, this is NOT an April Fools joke.

  • How To Cut Costs With QuickBooks Checks

    Did you hear about the restaurant chain in Florida that resorted to implementing a 1% surcharge on all food and beverage purchases to cover rising costs due to the Affordable Care Act?  The restaurant claims that the increased ACA costs will amount to around $500,000 a year, while the 1% surcharge will generate $160,000, falling woefully short.  Although not all businesses can or will implement practices like these, it does illustrate the importance of managing both external (like rising healthcare costs) and internal (like hiring more people or getting a new copier) costs.

    Passing these costs on to your customers through surcharges or increased prices is one way to cover costs, but this can cause a backlash of customer resentment that could ultimately close a business.  Instead, try managing costs by cutting them.  Often this is easier said than done, but with PrintBoss, a QuickBooks check printing software, it actually is easy.  Let us explain.

    PrintBoss enables you to print QuickBooks checks to blank check stock.  It’s a simple concept, but has enormous positive ramifications for your costs.  For one, by using blank check stock you will save at minimum 80% on the cost of preprinted checks.  If you buy 1,000 checks from Wellspring Software, you will pay $60.  If you buy the same quantity of preprinted QuickBooks checks from Intuit, you will pay $317!

    Two, with preprinted checks, you must purchase check stock for each individual bank account from which you print checks.  If you print checks from ten different accounts, then you must purchase and store ten different check stocks.  Beyond the security issues that arise from storing check stock with your bank information printed on it (read about the security benefits of blank check stock), buying ten different check stocks can be expensive, given the cost figures stated above.  When you use PrintBoss, you can buy one blank check stock and use it for all of your bank accounts.  Let us say that again.  You buy one stock for all of your bank accounts.

    There are other cost savings features that come with PrintBoss, such as ACH file creation, automatic document archiving (PrintBoss will create and archive PDF copies of invoices, purchase orders, etc. on your network or computer) and document emailing.  Possibly the most cost saving aspect of PrintBoss is its cost—only $150.  With the 500 checks that are included in that price, PrintBoss is the most efficient way to cut costs for your business.

    Try our 30-day FREE trial to experience the cost savings first hand.

  • Print Checks to Blank Check Stock from Multiple Accounting Packages

    We talk a lot about QuickBooks on this blog and within this website.  This stands to reason as this site is dedicated to our QuickBooks users.  But lately we've received a bunch of inquiries asking if PrintBoss can be used with multiple accounting software packages.  Sometimes our clients use multiple versions of QuickBooks, while other times completely different accounting software packages are being used, like QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics.  The simple answer is yes, PrintBoss can manage multiple accounting software packages.

    If the second accounting package is included as one of our standard interfaces, you can run the PrintBoss setup program, choose the accounting software from the drop down and then choose the install type, “Add Different Accounting Host Files.” We would recommend that PrintBoss be updated to the latest version so you have the most current files for the new accounting software package.

    The only caveat is that PrintBoss select only operates with QuickBooks accounting packages.  If you want to use any accounting system outside of QuickBooks, you will need to have PrintBoss Standard or PrintBoss Enterprise.

    PrintBoss is designed to enable you to print checks on blank check stock with no extra keystrokes.  No matter what accounting software you use, we have made this possible.  If you have any further questions regarding how to setup PrintBoss to work with two different accounting software packages, visit our support docs here, or give us a call at (636)527-6100.

    Not currently using PrintBoss?  Give it a try with our fully-functioning 30 day free trial.

  • Hidden Fees in QuickBooks® Check Printing Softwares

    Let’s talk about hidden fees.  In today’s price conscious, Internet age, hidden fees have become common practice.  It’s been popularized by the airline battles, namely by Southwest.

    But this same thing happens in the QuickBooks add-on marketplace.  From inventory management systems, to tax software, to check printing software the QuickBooks add-on market is designed to help QuickBooks users get the most out of their accounting software.  Yet how can a business judge the value of a product when the pricing of the add-on is not transparent?

    Here at Wellspring Software, we are particularly aware of this in regards to check printing softwares offered in the QuickBooks add-on marketplace.  In an effort to help you as the consumer better evaluate the cost and overall value of a check printing software, here are a few hidden fees you should look out for.  We follow each fee with guidelines on how these issues should be handled in what we call, the PrintBoss Way:

    Bank Account Validation

    Hidden Fee: Some check printing softwares require you to “validate” every bank account from which you print checks.  Often this means the software will draw a certain amount of money from your account (typically a number of cents) to verify that the account works.  For every account you open, this occurs and this money is never refunded.  Furthermore, this validation process takes 7-10 days typically.  Often they will offer an expedited validation process for a fee.

    PrintBoss Way: Adding a bank account to your check printing software should be quick, easy, and painless (i.e. cost nothing).  For heaven’s sake, these are your bank accounts!  Adding a new bank record should be as easy as filling out the necessary bank information (Bank name, address, MICR information, etc.) and then clicking OK.  No wasted time.  No wasted money.

    Customer Validation

    Hidden Fee: Like bank validation, some softwares require each customer that you are going to pay through your check printing software, to be validated.  Again, like the bank validation, this usually takes 7-10 days and costs a fee for processing and/or expediting.

    PrintBoss Way: Our philosophy is simple—these are your customers, you should be able to pay them simply and cheaply.  So there is no customer validation in PrintBoss.  When you pay invoices in QuickBooks, the information flows through to PrintBoss, and the check is printed.  There is no 7-10 day waiting period.  If you just started buying paper from a new supplier, cut them a check that same day, with no extra hassle.

    Extra Software

    Hidden Fee: Some check printing softwares won’t advertise that in order to use their software, you need to purchase some other add-on to enable you to print checks.  Whether that other add-on allows their software to connect with QuickBooks or is part of the numerous validation processes they make you go through, it costs you extra dough.

    PrintBoss Way:  This doesn’t make sense to us.  If you want to print checks onto blank check stock, then by-gosh you should be able to.  You shouldn’t need to by a whole basket of softwares.  If you say your software can print checks onto blank check stock, then it alone should be able to manage that.  The software purchased should be the software advertised.

    Number of Bank Accounts

    Hidden Fee: Many check printing softwares come with a finite number of banks accounts available.  If you need more banks then you have to buy them.

    PrintBoss Way: Bank accounts are key to what you do.  Whether you’re printing checks for a vast number of clients or your company just has a lot of bank accounts, you should be able to print from all of them.  All PrintBoss QuickBooks products come with unlimited bank accounts.  Just click add bank and voila, you have another bank.

    Transparency is key in marketing.  That’s why when we say PrintBoss Select is $150, it’s $150.  That’s not a yearly fee and that comes with no hidden costs.  We certainly encourage customers to get a yearly maintenance plan to cover technical support and product upgrades (if you update operating systems or QuickBooks comes out with an update), but when we say you can start printing checks onto blank check stock for $150 out of the box, we mean it.

    In fact, you can start printing checks for free for 30 days with our free trial.  Give it a try and experience the value of transparency.

  • Check Printing Software for QuickBooks: Printing From Multiple Bank Accounts

    One of the most commonly-asked questions regarding the way the PrintBoss check printing software works as opposed to the QuickBooks’ pre-printed check printing method is, “How does PrintBoss know which account I want to use?” Under most circumstances, PrintBoss can actually detect which QuickBooks account a user is printing from without any additional (and potentially error-prone) user input. However, the key to make this feature work is to ensure that the QuickBooks global Printer Setup settings for “Checks/Paychecks” are set properly.

    First, the printer must be set to use the PrintBoss 50 driver instead of the physical printer to which the checks will ultimately be printed. Additionally (and this is vitally important for QuickBooks users with multiple similarly named accounts spanning distinct companies), the “Print Company Name and Address” checkbox should be checked as well. This checkbox supplies PrintBoss with the company name stored for the QuickBooks company along with the checking account name that prints near the bottom of the stub. With those two pieces of data, the PrintBoss check printing software can combine them to arrive at a Bank Code that should be unique to any particular account.

    So before printing checks from QuickBooks to PrintBoss, please make sure that the “Print Company Name and Address” box is checked to enable PrintBoss to select the correct account without any prompting from the user.  With this, all of your check printing problems disappear.

    To give PrintBoss a test run, try our 30-day free trial.

  • QuickBooks Add-On Makes Accounting Easier

    Do more with QuickBooks and PrintBoss!  QuickBooks is a powerful small-business accounting package, but it doesn’t always do everything your business needs.    PrintBoss integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and saves you time and money.  PrintBoss, a QuickBooks add-on, can print to blank check stock, print documents to different printers, print signatures and logos, create Positive Pay files, and more!

    Select PrintBoss as the QuickBooks default check printer to print to blank check stock.  PrintBoss prints all of the check formats available in QuickBooks and more, including:

    • Voucher Style – PrintBoss can print checks on the top, middle, or bottom stub just by selecting the check format within PrintBoss.
    • Standard – Simply select the Standard Check Style within QuickBooks and PrintBoss will print as Standard check.  It will also ask if you are starting with the second or third check on the page.
    • Wallet – Similar to Standard checks, PrintBoss will inquire if you are starting with the second or third check.

    Printing to blank check stock is economical and secure.  Blank check stock eliminates the need to lock up preprinted checks where the account number is already printed.

    But printing to blank check stock is not the only way PrintBoss saves you time and money.  Using a QuickBooks add-on to print to different printers has never been easier than with PrintBoss.  The Multi-Parts and Printers tab on the PrintBoss form allows you to select different printers and printer trays for printing documents.  You never need to print 2 copies from QuickBooks again.  Simply print to PrintBoss and allow the PrintBoss form to print the desired number of copies to the right printers and printer trays.

    PrintBoss also makes it easy to print Signatures and Logos as well.  Do you have multiple companies with different logos?  No problem for this QuickBooks add-on.  Each PrintBoss bank record has a Signatures & Logos tab.  Add one logo and up to 2 signatures for each bank record.  PrintBoss will automatically print the correct logo and signature(s) when the bank record is selected during printing.  The Signatures & Logos tab allows you to adjust the placement and size of each logo and signature as well.  Both JPG and BMP files can be used with PrintBoss.

    Furthermore, Positive Pay files have become an important security tool for many companies to prevent check fraud.  PrintBoss, as a QuickBooks add-on, has the ability to create Positive Pay files to submit to your bank.  Whether your bank will accept one of the standard files provided with PrintBoss or whether you need to order a custom file, this QuickBooks add-on automatically creates the Positive Pay file for each check batch and saves it to the location you designate.  There are no extra steps during printing.  Both checks and the Positive Pay files are processed at the same time.

    If you are looking for a QuickBooks add-on that will save you time and money, try PrintBoss today.  In fact, we are so confident you’ll like it, we’ll let you try it FREE for 30-days.

  • Optimize QuickBooks Direct Deposit

    As you may have read in our blog, last week Wellspring Software attended the Sleeter Group Solutions13 Conference in Las Vegas as a vendor.  We had the opportunity to talk with a bunch of CPAs and QuickBooks ProAdvisors about their businesses and about how PrintBoss could help them and their clients.  QuickBooks direct deposit was on a lot of peoples’ minds.  While the majority of people print checks (which we love to hear), we also heard a lot of attendees say that they use the QuickBooks direct deposit feature for payroll.  This was music to our ears, because PrintBoss makes processing QuickBooks direct deposit easier.

    PrintBoss can print checks and direct deposit statements in the same check run.  We understand that not all of your employees are the same.  Some prefer checks they can deposit by hand for security reasons or because they haven’t gotten payroll the paperwork to move to direct deposit,  while others don’t want the hassle of paper checks and so have signed up for direct deposit.  So instead of making you process paper checks in one run and direct deposit statements in another run, PrintBoss allows you to do both simultaneously.  It does this by knowing which employees want checks and which want QuickBooks direct deposit statements.  All you have to do is click print.

    What’s more, PrintBoss can create and send electronic direct deposit statements.  PrintBoss will create PDF copies of the statements and email them to your employees.  It will even password protect the PDF statements so only your employee can view his or her QuickBooks direct deposit statement.

    PrintBoss is designed to save you time and money throughout your accounts payable process.  PrintBoss optimizes QuickBooks direct deposit by making it run seamlessly beside your other accounts payable processes like check printing.  This is just one of the many ways PrintBoss helps businesses.

    Try our 30-day FREE TRIAL to experience how PrintBoss can optimize your QuickBooks direct deposit process.

  • Flexibility in Your Check Printing Software

    It seems everything nowadays is about giving you more flexibility.  Our phones now email, talk, and take pictures.  Our cars have built in navigation systems, Bluetooth, and can even park themselves so you can enjoy your vanilla latte while you drive.  Even tablet computers are becoming more flexible as they can surf the web, take pictures, and be used as a book or, after you drop it in the bathtub, a paperweight.  So why wouldn't your check printing software offer you flexibility?  With PrintBoss, it does.

    There are several features in PrintBoss that give you control over how your checks look.  But no matter what check printing software you use, it should have these features:

    Check Format Flexibility

    With PrintBoss you can choose to print in three formats: stub/stub/check; check/stub/stub; and stub/check/stub.    When purchasing QuickBooks checks, these formats are more commonly known as bottom checks, top checks, and middle checks, respectively.  Through more than 23 years in the check printing software business, we've found that banks generally prefer the MICR line to be printed on the clean edge of the check, thus preferring the stub/stub/check format.  No rough, torn edges to slow down the process.   But you may have another preference, and PrintBoss gives you a choice.   You can order QuickBooks checks from Wellspring Software in any format.

    Language Settings

    PrintBoss even provides the flexibility to print QuickBooks checks in French.  With PrintBoss you can now print the check amount in words in French.  PrintBoss utilizes the Google Language translator to make it happen.

    Signature Printing

    With PrintBoss you can also choose to print a signature on your checks, automatically.  Signatures can print on every check, or based on amount limits.  The signatures are tied to a bank record so that it is easy to have different signatures for many accounts.

    Multiple Client Management

    PrintBoss gives flexibility to accountants and CPAs as well.  If you manage multiple clients, each client may have different requirements for information on their checks.  With PrintBoss you can choose different logos for each company, as well as different text to appear on each check.  There is flexibility and choice built into the Bank Profile record which defines for PrintBoss the data that should print on the check for that specific company.

    Flexibility puts you in the driver’s seat.  It lets you, the person who knows the most about your company, make decisions for your company.  PrintBoss gives you this flexibility in your check printing software.  It lets you choose how to print your QuickBooks checks.  So, choose a check printing software that is flexible, secure and easy to use.  Choose PrintBoss.

    Try our 30-day free trial to experience the benefits of a flexible check printing software.

  • Print QuickBooks Checks and Eliminate the Hassle

    It’s almost the end of the year and we know what that means: time to print QuickBooks checks.  We’re in the last quarter of 2013 and we can see the end of year chaos looming.  There are a lot of things we could blame this chaos on: procrastination, budgeting, the new guy in payables; but the fact of the matter is that before (and immediately following) January 1st, payables are going through the roof.  Budgets will be maximized on pointless purchases and large ticket items will “need” to be paid before the New Year.  All you can think about is the time and money you will spend in the coming months printing QuickBooks checks.  If only there was some way to manage this year-end mess better.

    Well, there is.  It’s called PrintBoss.  PrintBoss allows you to print QuickBooks checks while saving time and money.  It does this by allowing you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  This may seem like a simple idea, and it is, but it has grand implications.

    By using blank check stock, you save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks.  This will ease the pain of ordering new checks as the end of year payables pile up.  Blank checks will also save you the hassle of inventorying different check stock for every bank account.  PrintBoss allows you to print the MICR line on your checks, including bank account number and routing number.  Thus you can store one blank check stock and print from all bank accounts to the one stock.  Furthermore, PrintBoss will keep track of check numbers for each bank account.  No more worrying about which stock is in the printer and which check number you are on.

    Maybe nothing is worse than having to sign each and every check that you print.  PrintBoss can solve that problem too.  With encrypted signature files, PrintBoss will automatically print QuickBooks checks with signatures printed onto the checks.  Governed by preset rules, PrintBoss knows which signatures to print on checks of certain amounts for certain bank accounts.

    We know how stressful end of year accounting can be.  So make it easier on yourself and print QuickBooks checks with PrintBoss to save time and money.  Check out other PrintBoss Features that will make your holiday season more bearable and then try out our 30 day FREE trial.

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