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Print QuickBooks Checks then Go Paperless with PrintBoss Enterprise

What do we mean when we say, “Print QuickBooks checks then go paperless?”  What we mean is that we give you the flexibility to process your payables the way you always have, but still keep a paperless office.

Over 50% of B2B transactions are processed with checks according to the 2013 AFP Electronic Payments Survey.   In large part, this is due to the historical use and infrastructure surrounding check payments.  Accounts payable departments are designed to process check payments.  Checks are reliable, low cost, and efficient.

Yet despite companies’ desires to pay by check, these same businesses work to make the rest of their office paperless.  From document archiving to invoicing, going paperless is not only a green initiative, but a cost saving one.

PrintBoss is designed with this duality in mind.  PrintBoss enables you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock, saving you even more time and money in your check payments, while going paperless in the rest of your accounting procedures.  PrintBoss does this with its PrintBoss Enterprise Smart Documents feature.Paperless

PrintBoss Smart Documents enable you to email or fax PDF copies of documents like invoices or purchase orders straight from PrintBoss.  PrintBoss will also archive PDF or Tiff copies of documents from the software to your computer or server.  What separates PrintBoss from the other QuickBooks add-ons in the market is its ability to do any of these actions dependent upon the client, automatically.

For example, one vendor may request the purchase order be emailed when the check is sent, while another vendor wants only the check.  PrintBoss enables you to do this all in the same QuickBooks check run.  Just print a check run from QuickBooks to PrintBoss and PrintBoss will automatically print all your checks, while simultaneously sending via email (or fax) the purchase order to the client(s) who want it.  While QuickBooks alone would force you to send emails separately and individually to each client, PrintBoss manages the document distribution for you, simultaneously and automatically.

PrintBoss can do the same with sending invoices.  You can email docs to some clients, print some for others, and fax some to the remaining, simultaneously from the same print job.  You just click print!

Give PrintBoss Smart Documents a try free for 30 days with our PrintBoss Enterprise trial.  If you have any questions, give us a call at (800)600-6861.