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Print QuickBooks Checks and Save

Print QuickBooks checks with PrintBoss and save time and money, while increasing security. It’s as simple as that, but those are fundamental benefits of using PrintBoss with QuickBooks. PrintBoss helps automate your QuickBooks check printing process, while at the same time enabling you to print on blank check stock, which saves you money and adds security to your check printing process.

When you print QuickBooks checks with PrintBoss, you can preset payment methods. With an unlimited number of bank accounts, PrintBoss can know, from account settings, which checks should be printed from which bank accounts. By printing on blank check stock, you don’t have to worry about trading in and out different stocks depending on which account you are writing checks from. Use one stock and PrintBoss will format the checks, including the MICR line, to your specifications. So just run your accounts payable and click print and PrintBoss will print every check from the correct account, with the correct MICR line, in the correct format. No more worrying about check numbers either, as PrintBoss keeps track of them and will print them accordingly. Not to mention, printing on blank check stock allows for check numbers to only be used when they are printed. No more incorrect checks messing with your check numbers.

Do you pay some vendors through ACH payments? No problem. PrintBoss knows when to print QuickBooks checks and when to create ACH files in the same check run. Just click print and for the vendors listed to be paid via ACH, PrintBoss will create an ACH file in the way specified by your bank. All you have to do is send it. For all the other accounts that are to be paid with a check, PrintBoss will print one off.

Print QuickBooks checks with blank check stock and save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks as well.

With PrintBoss, printing QuickBooks checks was never so easy.