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Print Checks to Blank Check Stock from Multiple Accounting Packages

We talk a lot about QuickBooks on this blog and within this website.  This stands to reason as this site is dedicated to our QuickBooks users.  But lately we've received a bunch of inquiries asking if PrintBoss can be used with multiple accounting software packages.  Sometimes our clients use multiple versions of QuickBooks, while other times completely different accounting software packages are being used, like QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics.  The simple answer is yes, PrintBoss can manage multiple accounting software packages.

If the second accounting package is included as one of our standard interfaces, you can run the PrintBoss setup program, choose the accounting software from the drop down and then choose the install type, “Add Different Accounting Host Files.” We would recommend that PrintBoss be updated to the latest version so you have the most current files for the new accounting software package.

The only caveat is that PrintBoss select only operates with QuickBooks accounting packages.  If you want to use any accounting system outside of QuickBooks, you will need to have PrintBoss Standard or PrintBoss Enterprise.

PrintBoss is designed to enable you to print checks on blank check stock with no extra keystrokes.  No matter what accounting software you use, we have made this possible.  If you have any further questions regarding how to setup PrintBoss to work with two different accounting software packages, visit our support docs here, or give us a call at (636)527-6100.

Not currently using PrintBoss?  Give it a try with our fully-functioning 30 day free trial.