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  • PrintBoss at the Sleeter 2013 Accounting Solutions Conference

    We are in day 3 (really day 2.5) of the Sleeter 2013 Accounting Solutions Conference out here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It’s been a great conference thus far with attendees eagerly soaking in as much QuickBooks how-to information as possible and vendors, like us, eagerly sharing as much solutions information as possible.  It’s a symbiotic relationship between the two groups here, a relationship that the Sleeter Group has done a great job cultivating by providing numerous opportunities for interaction and discussion.

    The conference began with a Sunday night ice-cream social.  With chocolate and vanilla ice-cream to choose between and a whole plethora of candy, fruit, and nut toppings as well as decadent sauces, the conference got off on the right foot with accountants eagerly partaking in dessert and conversation.  At the Wellspring Software booth (#407) we had the opportunity to talk with a good number of attendees.  Most were interested to hear about how PrintBoss could help save them time and money printing checks onto blank check stock.  Most were astonished to learn that for only $150 they could print to blank check stock from QuickBooks, saving them and their clients the hassle of carrying multiple check stocks, as well as eliminating the security risk of having bank information available on unused check stock lying around the office.

    One attendee told us that on her way to Vegas for the Sleeter show, she got a call from the bank telling her that one of her client’s checks did not go through.  She immediately became terrified that she had used the wrong check stock.  Given the size of the check, this was a big issue and worry.  She finished this story by commenting that with PrintBoss and using blank check stock this would never happen.  You could never use the wrong check stock with PrintBoss, because PrintBoss handles all bank information and prints the MICR line and bank information on each check for you.

    On Monday we saw and spoke with more attendees as they came to our booth enticed by the lure of a $5 Starbucks gift card for participating in a short survey.  Our one minute survey about how companies pay payables started many conversations about the pros and cons of electronic payment methods.  Everyone was interested to learn that PrintBoss, along with being the industry leader in check printing, also enables ACH file creation and has partnered with CSI to offer electronic payment through their globalVCard Paysystems.  This prepaid virtual credit card makes it easy to authorize expenditures for employees in the field.

    We are now into the final full day of the conference, with everything wrapping up tomorrow after the morning session.  We look forward to speaking with more attendees and sharing the benefits of printing checks to blank check stock.  For anyone here in Vegas at Caesar’s Palace attending the Sleeter Conference, stop by out booth to talk shop and receive a Starbucks gift card.

  • Tricks and Treats of QuickBooks Checks

    Happy Halloween!  This is the one day a year when ghosts, goblins, and ghouls are all welcomed onto our front porches and we give away candy like it’s good for our children.  It’s a duplicitous day, where the line between the living and the dead becomes blurred (in part by the undead) and we constantly have to ask ourselves and others is it a trick or a treat?

    This got us thinking here at Wellspring Software that while on this hallowed day a trick or a treat means some kind of fun, in the accounting world the difference between a trick and a treat can be the difference between a profitable year and going out of business.  So we thought we would take a couple hundred words this Halloween to shed some light on what is a trick and what is a treat in the QuickBooks accounting world.

    GoblinTrick:  You can’t print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.

    pumpkinTreat:  Although QuickBooks alone does not enable you to print checks onto blank check stock, third party software supported within the QuickBooks marketplace do.  Software like PrintBoss, make it possible to do away with your different check stocks for your different bank accounts


    GoblinTrick: You can only buy check stock to use with QuickBooks from Intuit.

    pumpkinTreat: By using PrintBoss to print your check stock, you can use any blank check stock in the market.  In fact, you can save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks by purchasing blank check stock.


    GoblinTrick: QuickBooks provides all the security your check printing needs.

    pumpkinTreat: Although QuickBooks does provide a great deal of security for your accounting, when it comes to check processing, you can never have enough security.  PrintBoss adds a whole other layer of security before, during, and after the check printing process is complete.  By allowing you to store blank checks instead of preprinted checks, PrintBoss enables you to keep your bank account information secure from anyone that would steal or even just see unused check stock.  During the printing process, PrintBoss can print encrypted signature files on the checks, as well as create Positive Pay files for the most security conscious.  Following the printing process, PrintBoss check stock sold by Wellspring Software, has the latest security enabled technology, including micro printing and chemical detection.


    GoblinTrick: Useful accounting software costs a cauldron of cash.

    pumpkinTreat: PrintBoss Select for QuickBooks is only $150 and includes 500 complementary checks!

    These are just a few of the treats that PrintBoss provides.  We know that printing QuickBooks checks is an integral part of your payables processing, so don’t be fooled by the many tricks of the market and treat yourself to PrintBoss.

    Try our 30 day free trial to find out how PrintBoss can treat your company.  It’s spooky how much money and time it can save you.

  • QuickBooks Business Checks Made Easier at Sleeter Show in Vegas

    We are getting pretty excited about seeing everyone at the Sleeter Conference next week in Las Vegas.  It’s hard to think of a better place to have a conference than on the Vegas strip.  There’s always something going on, cheap buffets serve delicious steaks, and from what we understand they give out free money if you play the odds right.  Then again we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch…but there is such thing as a free coffee at Starbucks!  Stop by the Wellspring Software booth at the Sleeter show and we’ll give you a $5 Starbucks gift card just for taking a short (and we mean really short) survey.  There’s no catch.  Just come, take a 30 second survey and we’ll hand you a $5 gift card.

    We also hope you might stick around for a couple minutes to talk to us about your business and hear some about our product PrintBoss, but there are no requirements.  We are nice people though and we’ve been providing payment solutions to small and medium size businesses for over 20 years now.  We believe our software, PrintBoss, really can make your life easier by enabling you to print QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock.  It sounds simple (and it is with PrintBoss) but it will save you time and money, while increasing your security.

    So stop by our booth, get a gift card, and talk shop with us.  We are confident we can make your QuickBooks business check printing experience easier and less expensive.  There are a lot of good deals to be had in Vegas, but with PrintBoss in town, you’re not going to find a better one.

    Hope to see you there!

  • A Check Printing Software that lets you print checks outside of QuickBooks

    As accountants, our accounting systems can sometimes take over our lives.  Everything seems to revolve around and within them.  On a personal level it is good to remember that this is not the case, that our lives are not determined by debits and credits.  But even from an accounting business perspective, there are some things that need to be handled outside of QuickBooks.  Amazingly enough, check printing is one of them and a reliable check printing software can help you do this.

    PrintBoss allows you to print checks independently of QuickBooks.  They’re called PrintBoss Hand Checks.  You might wonder why you would ever want your check printing software to print checks outside of your accounting software.  The answer is for small payments to vendors not listed in QuickBooks.

    They are used like a checkbook for paying petty cash charges such as COD amounts or purchases from a local store.  Hand Checks print with the MICR, bank information, and company information, but require the date, payee, and amount to be filled in by hand or typed in on-the-fly.  They can be used to create a VOID check to send to your bank to insure the signature and check account number will pass through properly.

    There is no limit to the number of hand check specifications you can create with PrintBoss. Each file specifies a bank, the PrintBoss form to use, and the method for numbering the checks.  You can have the same numbering sequence as your QuickBooks bank account checks.  Or you can have a separate numbering sequence.  Your choice.

    PrintBoss gives you choices on how to print your checks using QuickBooks or not.  It’s a check printing software that is flexible, secure and easy to use.  Try our 30 day free trial to see how PrintBoss can help your business today.

  • Print QuickBooks Checks and Eliminate the Hassle

    It’s almost the end of the year and we know what that means: time to print QuickBooks checks.  We’re in the last quarter of 2013 and we can see the end of year chaos looming.  There are a lot of things we could blame this chaos on: procrastination, budgeting, the new guy in payables; but the fact of the matter is that before (and immediately following) January 1st, payables are going through the roof.  Budgets will be maximized on pointless purchases and large ticket items will “need” to be paid before the New Year.  All you can think about is the time and money you will spend in the coming months printing QuickBooks checks.  If only there was some way to manage this year-end mess better.

    Well, there is.  It’s called PrintBoss.  PrintBoss allows you to print QuickBooks checks while saving time and money.  It does this by allowing you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  This may seem like a simple idea, and it is, but it has grand implications.

    By using blank check stock, you save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks.  This will ease the pain of ordering new checks as the end of year payables pile up.  Blank checks will also save you the hassle of inventorying different check stock for every bank account.  PrintBoss allows you to print the MICR line on your checks, including bank account number and routing number.  Thus you can store one blank check stock and print from all bank accounts to the one stock.  Furthermore, PrintBoss will keep track of check numbers for each bank account.  No more worrying about which stock is in the printer and which check number you are on.

    Maybe nothing is worse than having to sign each and every check that you print.  PrintBoss can solve that problem too.  With encrypted signature files, PrintBoss will automatically print QuickBooks checks with signatures printed onto the checks.  Governed by preset rules, PrintBoss knows which signatures to print on checks of certain amounts for certain bank accounts.

    We know how stressful end of year accounting can be.  So make it easier on yourself and print QuickBooks checks with PrintBoss to save time and money.  Check out other PrintBoss Features that will make your holiday season more bearable and then try out our 30 day FREE trial.

  • QuickBooks Add-On Software at the Sleeter Conference

    The Sleeter Conference starts in just more than two weeks and if anyone was
    wondering about QuickBooks Add-Ons, that is where they should go. Alluring Las
    Vegas plays host to the ever informative Sleeter Conference, and the conference
    will be overflowing with the latest Add-On products for QuickBooks. As an
    accounting product QuickBooks has met the need of literally millions of small
    businesses that require a simple, yet flexible way to track the finances of a small

    One of the most effective features of QuickBooks to meet the needs of small
    businesses is the library of Add-On products that is constantly growing to meet the
    specific needs of almost any small business you could imagine. These days it is
    sometimes hard to know where to look for Add-On products. Traditionally the Intuit
    Market Place has been a rich resource of Add-Ons but not all new products are
    included there so you have to Google search QuickBooks Add-Ons to make sure you
    have not overlooked a new and easy answer to any specific need or accounting
    requirements for a specific type of business. At the Sleeter Conference there will be
    scores of vendors that have written software and created devices that allow
    QuickBooks to operate in a certain environment or for a type of business, in a way
    that will provide pertinent information better and faster to help your business have
    a greater chance of being more profitable.

    Some products, like PrintBoss, are designed to be used across industry and
    environmental parameters. These universal products are also prominent at the
    Sleeter Conference and are an easy addition to QuickBooks because they save you
    money and reduce the amount of time required to extract information from
    QuickBooks or execute a function of QuickBooks on a general level. For example, if
    you use PrintBoss and you have multiple checking accounts or multiple companies
    in QuickBooks, you can have one check stock that can be left in your printer to print
    checks from all of your accounts or entities.

    PrintBoss, like so many other QuickBooks Add-Ons that will be exhibiting at the
    Sleeter Conference make the conference rich with value to the attendee looking for
    something specific or looking for something generic that will make the amazing
    QuickBooks product perfect for a specific application.

    Come by the PrintBoss booth and say hi, we would love to see y

  • QuickBooks Electronic Payment Software

    We are all searching for the best way to manage and pay our payables.  We want it to be secure, intuitive, easy, low cost, and fast.  The issue is that what is secure, intuitive, easy, low cost, and fast to you is not necessarily to your vendors.  Even more so, what is optimal for one vendor might not be for another vendor.  The point is, how can we find the “best” solution when it most likely varies by company?

    The one thing that many can agree on is that payables are moving toward electronic solutions, toward electronic payment software.  But even electronic payment software differs.  Some solutions require sharing banking information, while others require payees to accept certain terms of payment conditions including fees associated with the solution.  Other electronic payment software can only handle smaller payables, while still others are only beneficial with payables over $500,000.  The point is, how do we define the “best” electronic payment software?

    At Wellspring Software, we believe that the answer to this question lies in flexibility.  The best electronic payment software is one that enables you to pay however you want to pay.  Pay certain vendors through ACH, while paying others through products like the globalVCard Paysystems, while handling employee payables through direct deposit.  It is for this reason that we have designed PrintBoss to enable all types of payments.  What’s even better is that with PrintBoss you can automate these different payment types.  By stipulating in each vendor or employee account settings the type of payment they require/desire, you can process your payables in one run and PrintBoss will produce the correct payment for each payable.

    For example, if you have a supplier that wants to be paid with an ACH payment, another large vendor that requests payment through the globalVCard Paysystems, and then your office building landlord requires payment with a printed check, PrintBoss can handle all of these.  Once all of the above parties’ requirements have been indicated in the PrintBoss settings, then in QuickBooks (or any other accounting system integrated with PrintBoss) simply process a check run.  With no additional clicks, the information will be passed from QuickBooks to PrintBoss and given the settings for each payee, PrintBoss will produce the requisite payment file or check.  So for the supplier requesting ACH payment, an ACH file will be generated.  The same goes for the large vendor signed up to receive globalVCard payments.  For your landlord, a physical check will be printed from your designated printer.  The beauty, again, is that all of this happens automatically, with no extra clicks.

    Payable processing is constantly changing, why not have an electronic payment software that allows you to change with it.  PrintBoss allows you to process both checks and electronic payments in the same payable run, with no extra clicks.  Try the PrintBoss 30 day free trial to see how an electronic payment software can work for you.

  • MICR Check Printing with QuickBooks Checks

    We’ve discussed a lot on this blog what is the next innovation for QuickBooks users.  From cloud computing to new payment methods, the QuickBooks landscape looking forward is exciting.  But for many QuickBooks users the next innovation is already here.  MICR check printing.  Too many businesses are using QuickBooks to print checks from preprinted check stock.  What these businesses don’t know is that this preprinted stock is more expensive and a higher security risk than blank check stock.  But the real issue is that too many businesses don’t know that certain QuickBooks add-on software enable MICR check printing on blank check stock from QuickBooks.

    The assumption by many, perpetuated by the software giant itself, is that QuickBooks does not have the ability to print the MICR line.  Therefore, QuickBooks users must purchase preprinted check stock.  In most cases this expensive check stock is purchased directly from Intuit.  But this does not need to be the case.  It is true that QuickBooks alone does not have the ability to perform MICR check printing, but QuickBooks has a lot of inabilities.  It is for this reason that Intuit has created the QuickBooks Marketplace.  This marketplace is dedicated to approved third party QuickBooks add-on software.  It is within this marketplace where you can find software like PrintBoss that enable MICR check printing.

    The beauty of PrintBoss is that it is simple, effective, and so tightly integrated with QuickBooks that most users forget they are using it once installed.  But no one forgets the benefits it provides.  It’s these benefits that make PrintBoss the next great innovation in the QuickBooks market for so many users.  MICR check printing allows companies to purchase blank check stock which can save you 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks.  MICR check printing also provides security throughout the check printing process, including before the checks are even printed and your check stock is sitting unused in inventory.  While preprinted QuickBooks checks contain your account and routing numbers on the check face, blank check stock carries neither until the checks are printed.  MICR check printing also eliminates the hassle of managing check numbers as PrintBoss does it for you, as well as allows you to use just one stock for all of your bank accounts.

    These benefits, among many others like multiple method payment processing, make MICR check printing software like PrintBoss the latest innovation for QuickBooks users.  Try the PrintBoss 30 day free trial to see how MICR check printing can innovate your business.

  • Print QuickBooks Business Checks on Blank Check Stock

    We can all agree that QuickBooks is a wonderful piece of software.  It’s simple to use, yet provides a wealth of features we all need to keep our businesses running.  Furthermore, compared to the costs of larger enterprise version accounting softwares like many Sage or Microsoft products, QuickBooks is inexpensive.  For small to medium size businesses this simplicity and low cost are essential.  Yet even QuickBooks is not perfect.  Intuit recognizes there are a litany of areas in which QuickBooks can improve.  It is for this reason that Intuit supports a marketplace full of QuickBooks add-ons.  These third party softwares and services fill the gaps or complete the needs of QuickBooks users.

    One such need is an improvement in the QuickBooks check printing process, specifically, enabling businesses to print QuickBooks business checks on blank check stock.  The need for this stems from the what we discussed above: providing a simple and inexpensive accounting solution.  Enabling users to print QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock will not only simplify their process, but will save them considerable money doing it.

    Blank check stock simplifies the check printing process by allowing you to print all of your checks, no matter the company for which you are printing, or the account from which you are printing, onto the same check stock.  No more having to inventory multiple check stocks and no more worrying about check numbers.  With a QuickBooks add-on software like PrintBoss, the check numbers are maintained by the software.  The MICR lines of the QuickBooks business checks are also printed on the blank check stock by PrintBoss.  This way, you leave your one blank check stock in the printer and just click print.

    Printing your QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock saves you money when you purchase the check stock.  Blank checks can save you 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks business checks.  Click here to check out the incredible prices of blank check stock.

    QuickBooks has made all of our lives easier, but using a QuickBooks add-on software like PrintBoss to print your QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock will make life even easier and less expensive.  Try our 30 day free trial to see what we mean, and begin saving today.

  • Adding Flexibility to QuickBooks Check Printing

    We all print QuickBooks checks.  It is a key function of our accounts payable process.  Consequently, we are all looking for a QuickBooks check printing software that will make this function easier, cheaper, and more secure.  But there are other functionalities to consider when purchasing a QuickBooks check printing software.

    It is important to note that QuickBooks comes with the tools to perform the QuickBooks check printing process, it’s only that these out of box tools are rudimentary at best and confining and a security risk at worst.  For the purpose of providing advice on an optimal QuickBooks check printing process, it is recommended to use a third-party software to perform the check printing function.  A QuickBooks add-on check printing software will also add other features that will improve your accounts payable processes.

    Rarely do we pay all of our payables in the same manner.  The way in which we pay vendors may depend on the preference of the vendor and this could greatly differ from the way we pay employees.  For this reason, it is important to have the flexibility to pay people and businesses in a variety of ways.  What is even better is if you can process your payables through different payment methods all from one interface.  The best QuickBooks check printing softwares, like PrintBoss, allow you to do this.  PrintBoss allows you to pay by printed check, ACH, Positive Pay file, or with your globalVCard all in the same payment run.  So you just mark the invoices you want paid in QuickBooks, and initiate a check run, but when the information is passed to PrintBoss, PrintBoss will know how each vendor wants to be paid and will consequently produce either a printed check, an ACH file, or any other type of payment required.  This all happens without any extra steps on your part.  Just click print in QuickBooks and all of your payables are processed correctly.

    But your payables process is not finished when the checks have been printed.  No, there are still payment notices to be emailed, invoices to be archived, and Positive Pay files to be sent to name a few.  PrintBoss can handle all of this.  Email documents straight from PrintBoss, and automatically archive documents at the end of each day.  PrintBoss makes the entire QuickBooks check printing process streamlined and easy.

    Find out firsthand what PrintBoss can do for your QuickBooks check printing process by trying our 30 day free trial.  It is a fully functioning trial, enabling you to print live checks with no “Demonstration Copy” printed on the check face.  Or Contact Us, if you would like more information.

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