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  • Making QuickBooks Check Printing Easier and More Secure

    We discussed last week the benefits of printing QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Chief among them was cost.  PrintBoss offers this functionality, but there are other ways to improve your QuickBooks check printing process by using PrintBoss.  The two we will discuss today are printing checks on the bottom and security.

    Print checks on the bottom: QuickBooks only allows you to print top checks (where the check is above its stubs).  This results in the MICR line being immediately above the bottom, perforated edge of the check.  Banks stipulate that the MICR line should be placed on the cleanest edge of the check.  This is to help the machines that read this MICR line.  Consequently, having the perforated edge on the bottom of the check is not optimal.  PrintBoss’ default setting is check on the bottom printing (the check is below its pay stubs).  In this manner, the MICR line is placed on the bottom, clean edge of the check, the optimal placement.  When PrintBoss is used with QuickBooks check printing, it automatically converts to bottom check printing, despite QuickBooks’ inability to print this optimal format.  With this said, if you have remaining top check paper you want to use before switching to bottom checks, PrintBoss has the flexibility to print top checks in its settings file.  When you are ready to print bottom checks, just select the default bottom check printing in settings.

    Security: PrintBoss offers a battery of security features not found in QuickBooks.  Encrypted signature files can place any number of signatures on a check automatically based on preset specifications (i.e. amount, payee, account, etc.).  Add security to the printed face of your checks like secure block numeric amounts, patterns behind text, and even a stamp indicating the check number, the amount, the payee and who printed the check.  You can also password protect each account to prevent unauthorized access when printing, as well as apply permissions to your employee access.

    To learn more about the PrintBoss features that make QuickBooks check printing easier and more secure, click here and scroll to the bottom.

  • How Blank Check Stock Saves You Money Over QuickBooks Checks

    There are a number of reasons to switch from preprinted QuickBooks checks to blank checks, but the simplest reason is cost.  The QuickBooks Secure Premier Voucher Checks sell for $347.99 per thousand on the Intuit website.  Blank checks retail for as low as $60 per thousand, with price breaks at order quantities of 4,000 checks ($50/thousand), 10,000 checks ($45/thousand), and beyond.  Even the most basic QuickBooks check retails at $189.99 per thousand.  That’s over a 300% increase on blank checks.  If your company buys 5,000 checks in a year you would save $1,489.95 with blank check stock over the QuickBooks Secure Premier Voucher checks.  And the more checks you use the bigger the savings.  Simply put, purchasing preprinted QuickBooks checks eats away at your bottom line.

    Beyond cost, there are security issues with QuickBooks checks that blank check stock overcomes.  All preprinted checks, like QuickBooks checks, are printed with the routing and account numbers in the MICR line and the bank name and address on the face of the check.  This causes security problems if the checks are lost or stolen before you ever use them.  Conversely, with blank checks, the routing and account numbers are only printed onto the check when you do a check run.  Therefore, if some would be financial hooligan steals your check stock you have nothing to worry about as all they really did was steal some paper, whereas the preprinted stock they stole from your neighbor contained his bank information, which is why he is running around freezing all his bank accounts.

    Which brings us to the final point of this blog: QuickBooks checks require different check stock for different bank accounts, while blank check stock can be used for any number of bank accounts.  This has a dual impact as it leads once again to higher costs and stocking issues as you have to store the check stocks somewhere.  With blank check stock you by one stock, store it in one place, and then print checks from any bank account onto it.  It’s simple, easy and affordable.

    To see more benefits of printing checks on blank check stock, click here.

  • A Check Printing Software Fairy Tale….

    My daughter always loved bedtime stories.  Every night as I tucked her into bed I regaled her with tales of knights, princesses, goblins, sorcerers and anything else that happened once upon a time.  But there was always one fairy tale she asked for again and again.  It was about an evil ruler, a troubled clerk, and a piece of check printing software magic called PrintBoss that solved everything.  It was her favorite.  It went something like this…

    Once upon a time in an office not so far away, there worked an overwhelmed clerk who’s evil and wicked boss made him do all the office archiving without the help of check printing software.  Forced to toil in the dungeonesque archival room amidst towering cabinets slick with dust and entwined in spider webs, this young clerk had to manually separate the alphabetical files from the numeric files and sort them accordingly.  It was then decreed he must file them in the many drawers that had been known to swallow whole departments of employees. At the end of each quarter, the clerk had to go back through those same drawers to pull out the last quarter’s copies. Those copies would then go into file boxes that would get labeled and packed in the very back of the archival room in the storage area, where clerks before him had ventured never to be seen again.  The clerk could only return to the land of the living if he brought with him the boxes for the year end reconciliations.  Once year-end was finalized, the clerk was required to put the files back in order in the boxes to be taken once again to the storage room of lost souls.  The evil boss mandated this be done over and over with no end in sight.

    Then one day, the clerk’s fairy godmother gave him a magical piece of check printing software called PrintBoss.  “Eliminate archiving completely, my dear.  But be thee fair warned, the demo expires in 30 days,” she advised.  With a wave of her wand and a click of the enter key she showed the young clerk how PrintBoss eliminates all your archiving troubles by doing it for you, electronically.  No more copying, sorting, filing and storing boxes upon boxes of documents.  With the magical software the young clerk vanquished the towering filing cabinets and brought light to the once dark and soulless storage area.  Year end was finally a time of celebration, not banishment, file boxes and resorting.  Even the evil boss, when shown the power of PrintBoss was released from archiving’s evil spell and decreed that all in the land shall use a fully licensed PrintBoss.  The office rejoiced in the glory of the check printing software and the clerk and PrintBoss lived happily ever after.

  • The PrintBoss and globalVCard PaySystem’s Electronic Payment Software

    Payment processing. Utter these words to any accounts payable personnel and they will probably wince, cringe, scream, faint and/or possibly cry. In fact I have done three of the five in my time as a business owner (although that was before we developed the PrintBoss electronic payment software), but I’ll let you guess which ones. The harsh reality is that payment processing is an important process. It’s often the first process we endure when starting a business, as raw materials and office supplies must be purchased to make money and it continues through the life of a company as purchasing begets growth. The problem is that there is a glut of paperwork, labor and time involved.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate all these hassles yet still process payments? How much would you pay for that? No, scratch that. Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate all these hassles, still process payments AND get paid for doing it?

    PB and GVP

    Enter an electronic payment software so easy to use, it adds no extra keystrokes to what you are already doing. Since here at Wellspring Software we’re all about people helping people, or more appropriately software helping people, PrintBoss has teamed with the globalVCard Paysystem to provide an electronic payment solution for your business. The globalVCard Paysystem allows you to pay your vendors with no paperwork and receive a rebate on your payables. When you add PrintBoss, which will automatically create a payment file for the globalVCard Paysystem, the process becomes seamless and transparent to your accounts payable personnel. In other words, with the PrintBoss electronic payment software, by doing exactly what you are doing right now, zero extra key strokes, you can eliminate the paper check printing process and earn money. It’s like modern alchemy, only electronic payment software!

    To make it even easier, PrintBoss allows you to choose individual vendors or all of your vendors to pay with the globalVCard Paysystem. When you want to enroll a vendor you simply add the vendor to a list and PrintBoss will automatically create a payment file instead of a check. Mark any vendor on the list as inactive and the next check run will generate a live check again.

    With PrintBoss and the globalVCard Paysystem, payment processing has become revenue generating. If only the ancients could have known alchemy isn’t magic, it’s PrintBoss.

  • PrintBoss: The Ultimate QuickBooks Add-On

    At a recent Intuit conference, Intuit estimated that there are over 500,000 QuickBooks Enterprise users.  In order to serve this multitude of users, Intuit manages a marketplace of third-party vendors.  These QuickBooks add-on softwares provide QuickBooks users more functionality with their QuickBooks.  Among these is PrintBoss, a Silver Application QuickBooks add-on designed to help you work smarter.  (To see PrintBoss in the Intuit Marketplace, click here).

    PrintBoss adds a number of functions and features to QuickBooks.  Most notably, PrintBoss allows you to print checks from blank check stock.  This saves you both time and money.  Blank check stock can save you 70% on the cost of preprinted checks (click here to see our check prices).  By eliminating the hassle of juggling and storing multiple check stocks from various bank accounts, PrintBoss saves you time as well.  Furthermore, blank check stock offers increased security as your account and routing numbers are not listed on the check until you print them, and the chemical composition of the check provides fraud detection.

    As a check printing solution alone, PrintBoss creates value that no other QuickBooks add-on can.  But the value doesn’t stop at check printing.  With additional features like Positive Pay, ACH, and ePay file creation, electronic signatures, and automatic digital archiving, PrintBoss provides value added features designed to save you time and money, while increasing security.

    We encourage you to visit us at the Intuit Marketplace to learn how PrintBoss, as a QuickBooks add-on, can assist your business by helping you work smarter.

  • How to Print QuickBooks Checks from Blank Check Stock

    There is misinformation being circulated regarding the ability to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock, but fortunately for you, PrintBoss is here to straighten things out.  Mis-informants would lead you to believe that it is impossible to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock.  In fact, some people who work for the accounting software giant itself will perpetuate this mis-information.  They will explain that it is possible to print checks from QuickBooks, but they must be preprinted checks (i.e. must have the MICR line and such already printed on the check) and the check must be at the top, above the pay stubs.  For QuickBooks users, this means more expensive check stock and weaker compliancy with banking regulations.  Let us explain.

    By purchasing blank check stock, you are saving 70% on what you would be spending with preprinted stock from QuickBooks or any other manufacturer.  Furthermore, blank check stock saves you the hassle of check number confusion as you no longer have to worry about your checks getting out of order since when you print on blank stock, it is PrintBoss that maintains the order, not the check stock.  Also, blank check stock has innate security as account and routing numbers are not on the check until you print it.

    Regarding compliance, banks request the MICR line be printed on the straightest edge on the check.  By printing checks located above their pay stubs, the MICR line is being printed on a perforated edge.  By printing checks located below their pay stubs, which is PrintBoss’ default setting, the MICR line is printed on a clean edge of the paper.

    It is possible to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock and PrintBoss is how you do it.  Plus it adds no extra keystrokes.  Seamlessly integrated, PrintBoss saves you money and time, while increasing your security.  It’s the answer to so many of your problems.  For a free trial of the software, click here.

  • Intuit Reseller Round Up Wrap Up

    The Intuit Reseller Round Up 2013 has come to a close.  Thank you Intuit for putting on a great show.  Following breakfast Monday morning, the afternoon was spent speaking with resellers and attending seminars.  We had a number of great questions asked regarding the functionality of PrintBoss.  Many resellers were interested in the electronic payment options provided by PrintBoss.  As a recap, PrintBoss provides users the ability to pay electronically by either ACH or with the globalVCard Paysystems through our partnership with CSI Enterprises.  PrintBoss can automatically create Intuit RRU pic 2 (Irfanview)ACH files when a check run is printed.  Thus in a batch of checks, accounts designated to be paid via ACH will have the appropriate file created, while accounts assigned to be paid by check will have a physical check printed.  Accounts may also be selected to be paid by the globalVCard Paysystems, which offers a rebate with the payment.  To learn more about PrintBoss’ partnership with the globalVCard Paysystem, click here.   All of these options are produced automatically when you click print.

    Conference attendees also asked about PrintBoss’ ability to create Positive Pay files.  Positive Pay files offer the most secure method of check payment.  With bank specifications, the PrintBoss Positive Pay feature extracts and formats data from the check report to the bank's specifications.  A file is then created for transmission to the bank.  Positive Pay along with other PrintBoss features like document password protection and encrypted electronic signatures make PrintBoss the most secure check payment method available.

    At the conference, PrintBoss offered a $150 Amazon Gift Card giveaway.  By filling out a short survey, attendees were entered to win.  The winner was announced Monday night and we’d like to congratulate Terumi Echols of Brilliant Solutions Group for winning.  Spend well Terumi!!

    After a whirlwind three days, we would like to again thank Intuit for organizing a great show and all the QuickBooks resellers for stopping by our booth.  Contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or comment on this blog to continue discussions on ways to improve QuickBooks users’ lives.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Scaling New Heights show at Disney World in June and the Sleeter Conference in Las Vegas come November.

  • Intuit Reseller Round Up Day 1.5

    It’s nice to come somewhere pleasant.  After a couple months of Midwest winter, the 60s and sunny season of San Francisco feels just right…now if only I could spend some of my time here outside.  But if I had to be inside doing one thing on a nice day it would be talking about PrintBoss with Intuit resellers.  As luck would have it that is exactly what we are doing at the Intuit Reseller Round Up.  We are on day two of the three day event.

    Intuit RRU pic

    The show opened last night with drinks and heavy hors d'oeuvres (I’m never sure if something is dinner or “heavy” appetizers.  Are sliders and chili dinner?) served in the vendor hall.  With only 23 sponsor booths, we saw plenty of traffic, allowing us the pleasure of speaking with a number of top tier QuickBooks resellers.  There is nothing better than eating good food while discussing printing checks for QuickBooks from blank check stock, ACH payments, positive pay file creation, and the litany of other ways PrintBoss saves people time and money.

    Breakfast this morning offered more opportunities to talk with resellers about what their customers need and how PrintBoss can provide those needs.  I spoke with one reseller who was astonished to hear how inexpensive our check stock is in comparison to pre-printed checks.  I told him that at $60 per one thousand sheets, he was not the first to be pleasantly surprised.

    After breakfast we heard from four Intuit team leaders who talked about the future of QuickBooks Enterprise and I have to say the future looks bright.  The best part is that PrintBoss is perfectly positioned to help you transition from printing checks to paying vendors electronically, from mailing accounting documents to having a truly paperless accounting system. We are really excited about the new directions at Intuit and how PrintBoss can take the bumps out of the journey.

    We are eager to continue our discussions this evening and tomorrow.  Through the window I see it is clear and bright outside, but it would have to be raining money to get me out of the conference hall because that’s the only easier way to make money than using PrintBoss with QuickBooks.

  • How Check Printing Software Shaped Business World

    At PrintBoss, we believe check printing software has had a fundamental impact on the shape and functioning of the modern business world. Yes, I said it and I don’t mean it as a joke. Many will argue, and they will be correct, that innovations like the Internet and personal PCs have played a large role. But have they played as significant a role as check printing software? I say no way and let me tell you why.The advent of check printing software took one of the oldest concepts in accounting, writing a check, a concept that was quickly becoming outdated and impractical, and made it relevant and practical again. Over the centuries, as corporations grew and began using armies of banks to support and pay vendors, it became unreasonable to write checks as each bank had multiple accounts and each account multiple check stocks. To the great surprise of many in the accounting industry, it appeared as though check writing was quickly going the way of the Dodo. But then along came two brothers who, as fate would have it, would save and forever change modern business by creating the first ever check printing software—PrintBoss.

    Suddenly printing checks from blank check stock out of multiple bank accounts was not only possible, but simple, straightforward and secure. Did I mention that those two brothers were me and my brother Greg? So through the transitive property, did I save modern business? No, PrintBoss did. For over 20 years now PrintBoss has continued to reshape the business world. Has the Internet and everyone having a personal computer contributed to this change as well? Of course. But I strongly believe that without PrintBoss, the world would be a very different place. A worse place. So here’s to innovation and our ability to print checks.

    To learn about new ways that PrintBoss is changing the landscape, click here to learn about electronic payments. Now you can print checks and process electronic payments in the same check run and you don’t even have to think about it. PrintBoss—it’s intelligent software.

  • Tell Us Your New Year’s Resolution And Win A Starbuck’s Gift card

    Every year at Wellspring Software we have the same New Year’s resolution: to better serve our customers. The beautiful thing about this resolution is 1) we don’t have to come up with new resolutions each year and 2) we can fulfill our resolution each year yet still improve the following year because there are always new opportunities to serve our customers. And serving our customers is the driving force of innovation at our company. We are a customer-centric enterprise, meaning all product development is done from the customer’s perspective. This is why over the years we have introduced features like positive pay file creation, ACH payment, and the ability to email copies of documents rather than printing them, to name a few. These innovations did not come from a lab or an engineers’ luncheon, but rather from our customers. They came from us talking to you, hearing your frustrations and wants, and finding ways to solve your accounting problems.

    It is for this reason that we ask you, what are your New Year’s accounting resolutions? Let us solve yours and in turn you solve ours. Like our Facebook page and post to let us know what you would like added or changed in PrintBoss. If you can’t think of anything else you want PrintBoss to do, let us know which feature you like most. As a bonus to fulfilling your accounting resolutions, by participating you will be automatically entered to win one of 30 Starbuck’s gift cards to be drawn on January 31st. Think of it as Wellspring rewarding you for fulfilling your New Year’s resolution…but all you have to do is tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest.

    Have a happy and fulfilling New Years!
    The Wellspring Team

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