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  • QuickBooks Check Printing with Blank Checks

    We all use QuickBooks for many purposes.  But chief among them for us and most likely for you, as you are reading this blog, is the QuickBooks check printing feature.  Why is check printing so important?  Because it enables us to pay our payables.  In other words, it enables us to keep our businesses running.  Without the services, products, and people that we employ, our companies could not exist.  All of these attributes have to get paid somehow and to-date check writing continues to be one of the most prominent methods of business payments.

    So if you are going to use QuickBooks check printing, how can you make it easier and less expensive?  As it is, purchasing preprinted QuickBooks checks is expensive (if you didn’t realize this, read on to learn how blank checks can save you money).  Furthermore, maintaining inventory of multiple check stocks from various bank accounts can be not only time consuming but can cause errors in check processing as wrong stock can be used, not only wasting paper but messing up check number chronology.

    The answer to all of these issues is easy—use blank check stock.  “But Intuit says you can’t use blank check stock with QuickBooks.”  This is a common misperception.  Although QuickBooks alone cannot print checks onto blank check stock, PrintBoss can.  PrintBoss not only prints the entire MICR line including bank account and routing numbers, but it will maintain all of this bank account information in encrypted files for as many bank accounts as you have.  To make it even easier, PrintBoss knows which bank accounts go with which companies in QuickBooks and thus will automatically print checks from the correct bank account every time.  All you have to do is process QuickBooks check printing as you normally would and PrintBoss will take care of the rest.  No extra clicks or confusion.  Just click print!

    PrintBoss eliminates the headaches of maintaining multiple check stocks and printing incorrect check numbers.  You only have to use one check stock for all of your accounts and PrintBoss manages your check numbers for you.  And as icing on the cake, blank checks save you 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks.

    QuickBooks check printing is an essential part of your accounting processes.  Why not make it easier, safer, and less expensive.  Print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock and save.

    Learn more about PrintBoss and its benefits and features here.

  • QuickBooks® Updates Can Cause Settings To Reset

    Our award winning technical service department gets asked a lot of questions on any particular day.  They do their best to answer these questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  Most of the time a simple phone call is enough to overcome any client issue (given the client has a service contract, which is only $100 at the time of software purchase and covers you for a year).  But over the years we have noticed a trend in technical support questions.  So what is the most common service call our technicians take from clients that print QuickBooks® checks with PrintBoss?

    Well, it doesn’t even begin with the PrintBoss software.  It actually starts with an upgrade of the QuickBooks® software.  During the QuickBooks® update process the printer default settings for printing QuickBooks® checks are often reset.

    This update can effect three settings on the QuickBooks® checks / paychecks printer setup screen. These are the main settings should be aware of that effect PrintBoss check printing.  It is one of these three settings that is the culprit (or maybe victim) of the resultant issue from a QuickBooks® update.

    In order to print QuickBooks® checks correctly with PrintBoss, the three settings should be set as such:

    1.  The PrintBoss 50 printer driver is set as the printer
    2.  The Voucher style check is selected as the style choice
    3.  The box for ‘Print Company Name and Address’ is checked

    Which of these settings is most often reset by a QuickBooks® update?  The third setting.  After an update, the box for ‘Print Company Name and Address’ often reverts back to the default of being un-checked.  This seemingly small change results in the banking information not printing on the check, which ultimately results in a call to PrintBoss Technical Support.

    While we are always happy to talk with you, you can save yourself a little time after a QuickBooks® update.  Before you print your check batch, verify the three settings on the QuickBooks® Printer Setup screen for Checks / Paychecks are all marked as above.  It’s as easy as that!

  • Benefits of a Check Printing Software

    It takes money to make money.  It’s an old adage that has been the rally call for risk takers and entrepreneurs for generations.  But what does it mean for accountants?  It means that no matter the economic climate, you will always have work to do in accounts payable.  It takes money.  Yes, unfortunately everything does, and it is the job of accounts payable to make sure that money is taken in a way that is suitable for all vendors, clients, and/or partners.

    The problem is that often people want money in different ways.  You may have a vendor that prefers to be paid by check, while your employees want to be paid through direct deposit, while another vendor wants to be paid electronically.  And what if a partnering business requires payment through positive pay check?  How do you make sure all parties are paid correctly and in the correct method?

    Through a robust check printing software.  But, you might say, direct deposit and electronic payment are not necessarily check payments?  And that is where the beauty of a powerful check printing software lies, its ability to handle payments outside of the simple check printing function (if we can call even that simple!).  Quality check printing softwares, like PrintBoss, allow you to print checks, process ACH and electronic payments, and print direct deposit slips, all in the same run.

    PrintBoss knows which customers prefer which types of payments.  With this information, when a check run is processed, PrintBoss will print a physical check for those that require it, ACH files for others, Positive Pay files for the security conscious, and even electronic payment files for the technologically minded.  In this way, your job is made infinitely easier.  Just click print and don’t worry about remembering who wants what, because PrintBoss already remembers.

    In this day and age, it is not enough to just print checks.  A check printing software needs to do more, and if it doesn’t it is selling you short.  And the beauty of it is that all of these features don’t have to cost extra.  PrintBoss will do all of this (and a heck of a lot more) for just $150.  Now that is one easy check to write!

    It may always take money to make money, but with PrintBoss it doesn’t take much.

  • QuickBooks Checks: A Security Concern

    It’s a simple fact: preprinted QuickBooks checks provide greater risk to the accounts payable process than does blank check stock.  As it is, security is the paramount requirement in accounting.  Given the many facets of accounting, naturally there are many portals through which security breaches may occur.  From your network getting hacked, to employees sharing (purposefully or not) sensitive information, your company accounting information is constantly at risk.  Many of these risks are innate, they come with the territory and we take as many precautions as possible to thwart them.  So why add another security concern by using preprinted QuickBooks checks?

    How can something as simple as check stock be a security risk?  It’s easy.  Preprinted QuickBooks checks carry three important pieces of information on them: company information (name, address, etc.), account number, and account routing number.  With these three pieces of information any would be criminal could access your bank account.  In other words, if someone were to steal or find your unused preprinted check stock, they would have all they need to access your money.  Furthermore, if you have multiple bank accounts and some financial hooligan steals multiple check stocks, they can gain access to multiple bank accounts.

    So how do you solve this?  The answer is equally as simple: blank check stock.  By using blank check stock instead of preprinted QuickBooks checks, you eliminate all of these risks.  Blank checks are just what they sound like, blank.  They carry zero information on them.  There is no account or routing number, or any other company information.  All of this information is added to the check at the time when you process a check run.  Prior to this, your check stock can sit in your closet as much a security risk as the white paper in your printer.  Now, that isn’t to say that white paper and blank check stock are the same.  Good blank check stock will have built in security features like toner grip paper, micro printing, florescent fibers, chemical detection, and other security enhancements.  All of these features will protect your bank accounts after your check is printed, in case of check tampering.

    Did we mention that blank checks are 80% less expensive than preprinted QuickBooks checks?  Not only are they more secure, but they will save you money.  What’s not to like about that?

    So why add increased risk and worry to your accounting process?  Instead, replace your preprinted QuickBooks checks with blank checks and eliminate risk from your check printing process, all while saving money doing it.

    Click here to see what we’re talking about.

  • PrintBoss Makes QuickBooks Direct Deposit Easy

    It has become common practice today to process payroll using the QuickBooks direct deposit feature.  Using this method, an ACH file is created and the funds are transferred to the payee.  Prior to transfer, authorization must first be given by the receiver or payee to accept payment in this fashion.  The ACH file created then in QuickBooks contains certain information requisite to process the transaction.  This information includes the account and routing numbers, the payee name, amount, etc.  The benefit of paying by QuickBooks direct deposit is no check is printed and required to be taken to the bank for cashing.

    Although no hard check is given to the payee, a paystub still needs to be given to the employee for his records.  QuickBooks direct deposit cannot send the paystub electronically.  A paystub must be either printed and mailed, or manually emailed to each individual payee.  This is where PrintBoss can help.  PrintBoss can send paystubs for electronic payments via email by automatically creating PDF files of the paystubs, attaching them to emails and sending them either through SMTP servers or directly from your outlook.  By grabbing the payee email address from an authorized field in QuickBooks, PrintBoss knows how and where to create and send the email.

    Given the security requirements of emailing a paystub, PrintBoss will even password protect each PDF in case the incorrect email address is entered in QuickBooks.  By using the last four digits of the payee’s social security number, PrintBoss will create a password only the payee will know.

    With no extra keystrokes, PrintBoss will complete your QuickBooks direct deposit transaction.  If any of your vendors or employees request not to be paid via QuickBooks direct deposit, PrintBoss will automatically print a live check in the check run.  Again, no extra keystrokes are required.  Just another way how PrintBoss saves you time, money and increases security.

    Try our 30-day free trial to experience how PrintBoss can improve your payroll process today.

  • QuickBooks Direct Deposit: How to Make it Secure and Easy

    With PrintBoss, QuickBooks direct deposits are easy and secure.  It is easy because there are no additional installation steps required to create direct deposits from QuickBooks and it is secure because of the features PrintBoss provides.

    Set-Up is Easy

    First, setup your company bank account in PrintBoss and create a list of your employees' E-mail addresses.  The list of E-mail addresses in PrintBoss or Payee List is used to automatically send a password protected direct deposit advice form to each employee on the list.

    Next, create the payroll checks as you normally would do.  Click on ‘Print’ and PrintBoss takes over formatting and processing your direct deposits from information provided by QuickBooks.  With one click you can create checks with secure encrypted signatures for those employees that prefer checks; create a Positive Pay file for security; create an ACH file formatted to the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) specifications; and create a PDF file copy for archives.

    Positive Pay Files

    Today it is easy for anyone to scan a check for automatic deposit.  Intentionally or not, this can lead to depositing a check twice: once by scanning and again at the bank.  How can a business protect itself?

    An increasing number of banking institutions are offering a Positive Pay service for check fraud protection.  This is a formatted text or csv file listing all valid checks written on a bank account.  The file is transmitted to the bank and only checks identified in this file are cashed by the bank.  If the bank receives checks that are slightly different, or a duplicate, the bank will not accept the checks.

    PrintBoss generates a Positive Pay file for each check in the batch.  The structure of the Positive Pay file is designed to match individual bank requirements.

    NACHA ACH Transfer Files

    ACH transfer file creation is automatic with PrintBoss.  It begins the process of depositing your employees' pay directly into their accounts even if you're away from the office on payday or if they work remotely.

    Email an advice statement

    PrintBoss will also automatically send an E-mail to each employee on the Payee List.  The E-mail will have a message from you and a PDF copy of their paystub.  This E-mail can also include additional attachments.  For example, say you have a new HR benefit you want to announce.  A PDF explaining the benefit can be attached along with the QuickBooks direct deposit advice.

    PDF File Copies

    As part of the process, PrintBoss can also create a PDF file copy to archive by employee, date, or location--- whatever makes sense for your organization.  Some clients are saving these PDF copies to CRM systems to interface with HR systems.

    With PrintBoss, QuickBooks direct deposits are easy and secure.

  • How To Email QuickBooks Direct Deposit Statements

    We are often asked, “What are the differences between PrintBoss Select and PrintBoss Enterprise?”  There are several, but a really big one is e-mailing, in particular emailing QuickBooks direct deposit statements.  With the Enterprise Edition, you can e-mail documents such as direct deposit or EFT statements without any additional keystrokes.   With an upgrade of software, and a little setup you can save time and money by emailing important, but routine documents using PrintBoss.

    There are only three steps to setup:

    1. Create a PrintBoss Payee List.
    2. Modify the PrintBoss form.
    3. Enable the PrintBoss E-mail function.

    The PrintBoss Payee List can be especially useful for e-mailing QuickBooks direct deposit statements as the QuickBooks software does not print a payee or vendor e-mail address on their statements.

    There is, however, a place in QuickBooks to associate an e-mail address with a vendor or employee. By exporting the field contents to a .csv file and then importing it into the PrintBoss Payee List, you have created the PrintBoss Payee List. Easy, right?

    What about maintaining the list as changes occur? PrintBoss can automatically make additions to the list when it encounters a new payee name. Or PrintBoss can present you with the option to add or ignore any new payee names during processing.

    In order for PrintBoss to process the Payee List the PrintBoss check form requires a few edits to add processing instructions and variable assignments.  We provide instructions, or Tech Support can answer questions about this or any of the steps involved.

    The last step is to enable the PrintBoss e-mail function.  PrintBoss sends QuickBooks direct deposit or EFT statements as PDF attachments.  PrintBoss converts an image of the document to an Adobe PDF file and attaches that PDF to the e-mail.  The Adobe Reader for PDF files is free to download from, but it is often installed with the operating system on most computers.

    There are several variables that can be used to enhance the e-mailed statements only available with the Enterprise Edition.  These include the ability to password protect the opening of the PDF, disallow printing of the PDF, and restrict editing of the PDF.  Also you can automatically attach additional PDFs to the e-mail.  For example, you may want to add a brochure which explains a new employee benefit.  This can be done with PrintBoss.

    If you are thinking of e-mailing QuickBooks direct deposit or EFT statements, think PrintBoss Enterprise.

  • What To Look for in Electronic Payment Software

    EFT, or Electronic Funds Transfer, is becoming popular with today’s businesses, regardless of their size.  Both vendors and employees appreciate the immediate receipt of funds into their bank accounts.  This method of payment is safe and worry free for the recipient – no lost checks, no waiting on the mail, no delays, no hassles.  As a result, many vendors and employees are putting pressure on businesses to offer electronic payments.  The question for business owners is, “What electronic payment software should I use?”

    Of course, ease of use is important when selecting an electronic payment software.  If the software is not simple to use processing time will increase, productivity in accounting will drop, and costs will increase.   The software should be streamlined so once it is setup the only task required of accounting is to upload the electronic payment file to the bank.   As an added benefit, choose electronic payment software that will email the Direct Deposit Statement to the recipient.  This will save money on printing, envelopes, and postage, not to mention the time to stuff envelopes.

    Another consideration in choosing an electronic payment software is expense.  Whether the electronic payment software is a separate purchase or an add-on to your current accounting software, cost is always important.  For business owners, software should pay for itself through streamlining operations and reducing overhead.

    With PrintBoss, you have the luxury of using electronic payment software with no additional software or setup fees.  Both the Select and Enterprise editions of PrintBoss include the NACHA file used in the US for creating electronic payment files.  This is part of the PrintBoss Positive Pay feature.  The electronic payment files are created with every EFT payment batch and saved to the location you choose.  The live checks and direct deposit statements can even be in the same print batch and PrintBoss will know what to do.  In addition, the Enterprise edition of PrintBoss has the ability to automatically email direct deposit statements notifying vendors or employees when the deposit will be made.

    Ease of use, streamlined operations, savings in postage and supplies make PrintBoss the ideal electronic payment software.

  • Print QuickBooks Checks More Efficiently

    There are many ways to print QuickBooks checks.  The difficulty is determining which methods are better than others.  By better, we mean that it is inexpensive, user friendly, and improves your business processes.

    You can print QuickBooks checks straight from QuickBooks.  By purchasing QuickBooks checks from Intuit with your routing and account numbers preprinted on the stock, you can feed these through your standard printer and print the payee and amount lines onto the checks.  This option, although well integrated with your QuickBooks (as it is a standard part of the software), is both expensive and cumbersome.  It does not save you money or improve your business processes.  Preprinted checks are both more expensive and less secure than blank check stock.  They cost 80% more than blank checks and preprinted QuickBooks checks are less secure in that your bank information is already printed on the face of the check.  If your unused check stock were to be stolen, your bank information would be made available.

    The issue is that QuickBooks can’t print checks onto blank check stock…but PrintBoss can.  PrintBoss allows you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock, adding no extra keystrokes in the process.  PrintBoss will format your checks and print the complete MICR line, including account and routing numbers, on your check.  Even better, it will do it on any style of check you want, be it top, middle, or bottom.  We mention this because QuickBooks only prints top checks, that is, the check on top with the pay stubs beneath.  As banks prefer the MICR line to be on a clean edge, not a perforated edge as they are with top checks, PrintBoss’ default setting is to print bottom checks, where the MICR line sits on the edge of the paper.

    PrintBoss improves other aspects of you check printing process by efficiently increasing your check security.  Electronic signatures, ACH file creation, and Positive Pay payments are just some of the ways that PrintBoss improves check security, adding zero extra keystrokes.

    Try our 30-day free trial to see how PrintBoss can improve your payable process.

  • The PrintBoss check printing software is installed, now what?

    Maybe you have taken advantage of the PrintBoss 30 day-free trial with dial-in support so you are all set and ready to go.

    Now you can sit back and relax.  Most clients forget the PrintBoss check printing software is working with their QuickBooks accounting software to print their checks, as the integration is so seamless.

    But what if you get a new computer?  Or what if your Boss’ Boss wants to change the format?  Or what if your company grows to the point where you want to add more users?

    With Wellspring Software, you have great options for answering these questions AND MORE!

    Wellspring Software's highly respected support team is here to help in a variety of ways.

    Telephone Support

    Whenever you need help with your PrintBoss check printing software, you've got someone to call. We are open from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday.

    Hours of support may vary occasionally due to downtime for system and server maintenance, company events, observed U.S. holidays, and events beyond our control.

    A support plan is required to speak with a technician. We offer our annual plan which includes any updates for the check printing software we post during the year. The annual plan also allows for unlimited number of calls to our highly qualified technicians.

    We also offer a one-time incident option that allows for help on one specific issue. This does not include any updates to the software.

    Forum Support

    Wellspring Software Support operates a Technical Forum.  The Forum is easily accessible here.  You can browse through questions and answers posted by other customers.  There is information about our check printing software for everyone, as well as responses to individualized responses to specific questions.  Some of the best info comes from other customers like you that want to challenge PrintBoss to its limits.  Registering for the forum is required for posting.... but anyone can read the postings.

    Email Support

    With or without an annual service plan, send us an e-mail with questions here.  The Technical Support staff prioritizes incoming calls during business hours, so it may take up to 2 business days for us to respond to an email.  But we will get back to you.

    Support Documents

    There is an extensive technical resource library for the PrintBoss check printing software you can consult. It provides online access to hundreds of informative documents about our Products. The documents are in pdf format for instant download and can be keyword searched.  Take a read here.

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