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MICR Check Printing and QuickBooks

For nearly 25 years, Wellspring Software has helped small and medium sized businesses print checks from multiple bank accounts onto blank check stock.  This is also called MICR check printing.  MICR refers to the account and routing number characters printed at the bottom of all checks, which are supposed to be printed in MICR toner.  Over these past 25 years, Wellspring Software has helped over 10,000 businesses print MICR checks from their accounting package onto blank check stock.

What is always amazing is that we meet and talk with people every day, be it on the phone or at conferences, that don’t realize MICR check printing is possible.  Even more, they don’t realize how much money they are losing printing checks onto preprinted check stock.  For those who might not be accustomed to the check business lingo, preprinted checks refer to the checks that come preprinted with the MICR line as well as your business address, bank address, and the check number.  As you are reading this article, you probably handle the check writing for your company.  In that case, you might even purchase your company check stock.  Whether you purchase it direct from your bank or from Intuit, you know that it can be expensive.  To purchase 1,000 sheets of Intuit’s high security check stock, it will cost you $327.99.  When you buy 1,000 of Wellspring Software high security blank check stock, it only costs you $60.  Those are huge savings.

Again, many businesses don’t realize that you don’t have to print checks onto preprinted check stock.  The reason so many businesses have taken to it though, is due not only to the cost savings, but also the increased security.  PrintBoss not only provides security features in its software to protect your accounts, but it also eliminates the liability of unused preprinted check stock lying around your office with your bank information printed on the front.  For more on PrintBoss software security features, read this blog or for check stock security, read this blog.

MICR check printing with QuickBooks is easy, secure, and inexpensive when you do it with PrintBoss.  To make it even easier, PrintBoss is only $150 and that includes 500 blank checks.  If your business prints from more than one bank account, MICR check printing is the best check payment method for you.

Try the PrintBoss 30 day free trial to see how MICR check printing can help your business.