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Make a New Year’s Resolutions to Print Checks on Blank Check Stock

It’s 2015, are you still printing checks on preprinted check stock?  We are 15 years beyond Y2K and 14 years beyond the prognostications of Arthur C. Clarke and his 2001 expectations.  Nobody carries maps in their cars anymore and when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone and placed a stamp on it rather than clicking send?

There is no denying we are in a technical age, yet the majority of businesses still waste time and money processing their payables with old preprinted checks.  Why not make a resolution this New Year to save you and your business time and money, while increasing your accounting security by printing checks onto blank check stock.  It seems simple and it is, but the benefits are huge.

So what exactly are you resolving when you decide to print checks onto blank check stock?  Fortunately, it only takes a few changes to make this money saving change.  First, you need a check printing software that enables you to print the MICR line and company information on a check.  This software should add zero extra steps to how you currently print preprinted checks.  In fact, once this software is set up, you should barely notice you are using it.  What this software does that your host accounting software, like QuickBooks, doesn’t do is store your bank information.  A solution like PrintBoss ($150), then connects a company in QuickBooks with bank information in its database and when you print checks from a company, it automatically prints the associated bank information onto the check.  So all you do is click print.

You will also need to get blank check stock.  This is the easiest part of your resolution, because blank check stock costs a fraction of preprinted checks.  1,000 blank checks cost $60, while Intuit sells 1,000 preprinted checks for over $300.  Furthermore, if you print checks from more than one bank account, you can use one blank check stock for all of your bank accounts.

The final part of your resolution is often the hardest: try something new.  Without a doubt, printing checks onto blank check stock will save you time and money, yet many businesses are afraid to change.  Companies get stuck in process ruts, doing certain things certain ways because that’s how they’ve always done it.  This mentality can be very costly as new technologies can improve both costs and processes.  So businesses must be willing to take the steps to improve and save.

Fulfill your check printing New Year’s resolution today by trying PrintBoss free for 30 days.