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Learning from the Best: How the Cardinals Influence our Check Printing Software Business

It’s October, which means that around much of the country people are gathering around their TVs and local watering holes to watch postseason baseball.  Where we’re from this is a particularly important time of year.  You see, when your hometown team has been to the NLCS the last four years, the World Series 4 of the last ten years, and won the World Series two of those years, October is more tradition than anything else.  Yes, we at Wellspring Software are very proud to say we live, work, and play in St. Louis, MO, home of the St. Louis Cardinals!

You might not think it, but even for a check printing software company like us, there are a lot of business queues to take from the Cardinals’ history of success.  Here are four things we've learned that make the Cardinals successful and translate to making a business successful:

1) The Cardinals play 162 games a year in the regular season.  That’s a lot of games and requires a tremendous amount of focus on team goals to maintain growth and success.  Similarly, businesses are typically open 260 days of the year.  That’s a lot of business game days.  Businesses and the people that run them must have clear goals, so they can focus each day on tasks to achieve those goals and be successful.

2) Work, work, work.  Not a day goes by that the St. Louis Cardinals are not practicing their craft.  Jon Jay doesn’t bat .303 in the regular season just by showing up to each game.  It comes down to the amount of work and preparation put in each day.  Businesses are no different.  There’s no such thing as getting lucky in business.  A great idea can be spoiled if no work is put into it.  Even a great check printing software doesn’t sell itself.  Only by showing up each day and putting in the effort to make your business grow, will a company be successful.

3) Whether it’s Wainwright throwing a curve, Holliday hitting a homer, or Carpenter throwing a guy out at first, it’s the Cardinals’ wide-ranging skills that makes them formidable.  Likewise, a business must have diversity in its skill sets.  While a software engineer may write great code for a check printing software, she might not write the best marketing doc.  A diversity of strengths is required to fulfill all business needs.

4) Persistence.  A 162 game season is fraught with ups and downs.  It’s only by the persistence of the players and coaching staff that the Cardinals are able to recover from these swings and maintain success.  Whether a business is seasonal or not, swings in performance one way or the other are unavoidable.  Only by riding these ups and downs and learning from them will a business maintain an upward trend.

The St. Louis Cardinals set the standard for success not only in baseball, but in our town.  They are a shining example of how an organization should be run and what it takes to achieve greatness.  We’re just grateful we can learn from them to improve our check printing software company…and enjoy all the parties that come with their championships!