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Intuit Reseller Round Up Day 1.5

It’s nice to come somewhere pleasant.  After a couple months of Midwest winter, the 60s and sunny season of San Francisco feels just right…now if only I could spend some of my time here outside.  But if I had to be inside doing one thing on a nice day it would be talking about PrintBoss with Intuit resellers.  As luck would have it that is exactly what we are doing at the Intuit Reseller Round Up.  We are on day two of the three day event.

Intuit RRU pic

The show opened last night with drinks and heavy hors d'oeuvres (I’m never sure if something is dinner or “heavy” appetizers.  Are sliders and chili dinner?) served in the vendor hall.  With only 23 sponsor booths, we saw plenty of traffic, allowing us the pleasure of speaking with a number of top tier QuickBooks resellers.  There is nothing better than eating good food while discussing printing checks for QuickBooks from blank check stock, ACH payments, positive pay file creation, and the litany of other ways PrintBoss saves people time and money.

Breakfast this morning offered more opportunities to talk with resellers about what their customers need and how PrintBoss can provide those needs.  I spoke with one reseller who was astonished to hear how inexpensive our check stock is in comparison to pre-printed checks.  I told him that at $60 per one thousand sheets, he was not the first to be pleasantly surprised.

After breakfast we heard from four Intuit team leaders who talked about the future of QuickBooks Enterprise and I have to say the future looks bright.  The best part is that PrintBoss is perfectly positioned to help you transition from printing checks to paying vendors electronically, from mailing accounting documents to having a truly paperless accounting system. We are really excited about the new directions at Intuit and how PrintBoss can take the bumps out of the journey.

We are eager to continue our discussions this evening and tomorrow.  Through the window I see it is clear and bright outside, but it would have to be raining money to get me out of the conference hall because that’s the only easier way to make money than using PrintBoss with QuickBooks.