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Intuit Crowdsourcing and its QuickBooks Add-Ons

The act of crowdsourcing has been around a lot longer than the term has.  Over the past several years, websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have popularized the term and idea of using a community to source a project, whether we are talking labor, funding, or any other input.  But this concept of using the community to accomplish more did not arrive with those online markets.  Even in the software world, crowdsourcing was a thing longer than five years ago.

In fact, Intuit has been offering crowdsourcing opportunities and benefits in its Intuit Marketplace since before 2009.  Intuit recognized that by developing a QuickBooks Add-on ecosystem in which third party developers could create and market software to improve the QuickBooks experience, it would improve QuickBooks itself.   So while Kickstarter was forming its LLC in 2009, the Intuit Marketplace was crowdsourcing QuickBooks features for its users.

It is in large part due to this QuickBooks add-on crowdsourcing market that Intuit has risen to the top of the accounting industry.  This QuickBooks add-on market has been so successful, in fact, that Intuit is depending more and more on it moving forward.  Intuit has made it known that its cloud version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, will reach parity with its desktop forbearers only through third party add-on software.

Features like document distribution that enables you to email, print, fax, and archive all accounting documents automatically are only available through QuickBooks add-ons like PrintBoss.  Crowdsourcing has gained popularity on its ability to develop the best and most efficient solutions at the lowest cost.  It’s a community effort to solve only problems that people and businesses actually want solved.  The Intuit Marketplace is no different as third party add-ons respond quickly to market needs.

While crowdsourcing continues to gain popularity, Intuit has been realizing its value for years.  There is a reason it is the best accounting solution available and that reason is its community.