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How To Save Money Printing QuickBooks Checks

“Why should I print checks onto blank check stock?”

We get this question all the time and frankly, if we didn’t have a good answer we would not have been in business for the past 25 years.  Really, the benefits are threefold: save time, save money, and increase security.  But today we are going to focus on the one that most customers focus on—save money.

Printing QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock saves you money in a number of ways.  First and foremost, the cost of the check stock is much, MUCH less.  Just look at the price difference.  PrintBoss high security check stock costs $60 per thousand checks.  Intuit preprinted high security check stock costs $327.99 per thousand checks.  That’s a 547% increase in price.  Given that printing checks through PrintBoss adds zero extra steps to how you would print preprinted checks through QuickBooks, the cost saving is enormous.Holding piggy bank

Beyond the simple (though extreme) cost of the checks, printing QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock saves you money in your operations.  Using blank check stock enables you to use one stock for all of your bank accounts.  So instead of storing 20 different check stocks for your 20 different bank accounts, store just one blank check stock and let PrintBoss print the necessary bank information onto each check.  This saves you in check inventory and helps cash flow as you don’t have to buy 20 different stocks at once.

Using blank check stock also saves you money by saving you time.  We all know time is a scarce and valuable resource, and so when blank checks can save you from running back and forth between your desk and the printer to exchange checks, you save money.  Also, if your check numbers get off or you print a faulty check, PrintBoss can reprint any check with the correct check number at any time.  It’s that easy, and anything that simple saves you money.

Saving money in your accounts payable process is easy when you print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Check out the other benefits and features of PrintBoss, or experience the savings yourself by downloading the PrintBoss 30-day free trial.