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How to Pick the Best Dressed Check Printing Software

As always, the Oscars this past weekend were a hit.  Neil Patrick Harris did a fine job conducting the evening and the celebrities did their part giving us some touching, some funny, and some downright awkward moments.  Leading up to the awards each year, all news coverage is on who will or won’t win.  But Monday morning after the awards are doled out, no one cares about who won what.  All the talk show anchors discuss are who wore what.  Even years later, you hear more about and see more pictures of what stars wore to the Oscars than what parts they played that brought them there.

We care a lot about how we and others dress.  But it’s not only about our clothing.  We care about how our food is “dressed,” how our homes are “dressed,” and even how our software is “dressed.”  When talking about check printing software, as we often do, it is this last dressing that we care most about.

What is software “dressing?”  It can be design features, interactive features, social features, or, as is particularly important in accounting software, security features.  Dressing is often what differentiates comparative software.  When considering check printing software then, what software dressing is important?

Adding bank accounts: You should be able to add bank accounts easily and with little to no cost.  As your business grows, the number of bank accounts from which you print checks often grows.  Your check printing software needs to be able to scale with you.  Having simple and intuitive bank account features, as well as having unlimited bank accounts with which to use is key.

Electronic signatures: If you are printing checks from multiple bank accounts, chances are you will need multiple signatures on your checks.  A check printing software that enables you to securely store and print signatures on your checks is important.  Furthermore, the software’s ability to print certain signatures based on dollar amounts saves even more time.

Employee rights security: Check printing software often do more than just print checks.  From archiving documents, to sending purchase orders via email, check printing software can perform multiple tasks.  For this reason, multiple employees in your office may use the software.  Having employee account security is essential.  Your check printing software should allow you to set up certain employee rights that enables them to perform their needed tasks but not others.

There are many other check printing software dressings to consider, like automatic archiving, faxing, and Positive Pay file creation.  To learn more about those features and more, visit our features page.

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