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How To Email QuickBooks Direct Deposit Statements

We are often asked, “What are the differences between PrintBoss Select and PrintBoss Enterprise?”  There are several, but a really big one is e-mailing, in particular emailing QuickBooks direct deposit statements.  With the Enterprise Edition, you can e-mail documents such as direct deposit or EFT statements without any additional keystrokes.   With an upgrade of software, and a little setup you can save time and money by emailing important, but routine documents using PrintBoss.

There are only three steps to setup:

  1. Create a PrintBoss Payee List.
  2. Modify the PrintBoss form.
  3. Enable the PrintBoss E-mail function.

The PrintBoss Payee List can be especially useful for e-mailing QuickBooks direct deposit statements as the QuickBooks software does not print a payee or vendor e-mail address on their statements.

There is, however, a place in QuickBooks to associate an e-mail address with a vendor or employee. By exporting the field contents to a .csv file and then importing it into the PrintBoss Payee List, you have created the PrintBoss Payee List. Easy, right?

What about maintaining the list as changes occur? PrintBoss can automatically make additions to the list when it encounters a new payee name. Or PrintBoss can present you with the option to add or ignore any new payee names during processing.

In order for PrintBoss to process the Payee List the PrintBoss check form requires a few edits to add processing instructions and variable assignments.  We provide instructions, or Tech Support can answer questions about this or any of the steps involved.

The last step is to enable the PrintBoss e-mail function.  PrintBoss sends QuickBooks direct deposit or EFT statements as PDF attachments.  PrintBoss converts an image of the document to an Adobe PDF file and attaches that PDF to the e-mail.  The Adobe Reader for PDF files is free to download from, but it is often installed with the operating system on most computers.

There are several variables that can be used to enhance the e-mailed statements only available with the Enterprise Edition.  These include the ability to password protect the opening of the PDF, disallow printing of the PDF, and restrict editing of the PDF.  Also you can automatically attach additional PDFs to the e-mail.  For example, you may want to add a brochure which explains a new employee benefit.  This can be done with PrintBoss.

If you are thinking of e-mailing QuickBooks direct deposit or EFT statements, think PrintBoss Enterprise.