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How To Cut Costs With QuickBooks Checks

Did you hear about the restaurant chain in Florida that resorted to implementing a 1% surcharge on all food and beverage purchases to cover rising costs due to the Affordable Care Act?  The restaurant claims that the increased ACA costs will amount to around $500,000 a year, while the 1% surcharge will generate $160,000, falling woefully short.  Although not all businesses can or will implement practices like these, it does illustrate the importance of managing both external (like rising healthcare costs) and internal (like hiring more people or getting a new copier) costs.

Passing these costs on to your customers through surcharges or increased prices is one way to cover costs, but this can cause a backlash of customer resentment that could ultimately close a business.  Instead, try managing costs by cutting them.  Often this is easier said than done, but with PrintBoss, a QuickBooks check printing software, it actually is easy.  Let us explain.

PrintBoss enables you to print QuickBooks checks to blank check stock.  It’s a simple concept, but has enormous positive ramifications for your costs.  For one, by using blank check stock you will save at minimum 80% on the cost of preprinted checks.  If you buy 1,000 checks from Wellspring Software, you will pay $60.  If you buy the same quantity of preprinted QuickBooks checks from Intuit, you will pay $317!

Two, with preprinted checks, you must purchase check stock for each individual bank account from which you print checks.  If you print checks from ten different accounts, then you must purchase and store ten different check stocks.  Beyond the security issues that arise from storing check stock with your bank information printed on it (read about the security benefits of blank check stock), buying ten different check stocks can be expensive, given the cost figures stated above.  When you use PrintBoss, you can buy one blank check stock and use it for all of your bank accounts.  Let us say that again.  You buy one stock for all of your bank accounts.

There are other cost savings features that come with PrintBoss, such as ACH file creation, automatic document archiving (PrintBoss will create and archive PDF copies of invoices, purchase orders, etc. on your network or computer) and document emailing.  Possibly the most cost saving aspect of PrintBoss is its cost—only $150.  With the 500 checks that are included in that price, PrintBoss is the most efficient way to cut costs for your business.

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