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How Check Printing Software Shaped Business World

At PrintBoss, we believe check printing software has had a fundamental impact on the shape and functioning of the modern business world. Yes, I said it and I don’t mean it as a joke. Many will argue, and they will be correct, that innovations like the Internet and personal PCs have played a large role. But have they played as significant a role as check printing software? I say no way and let me tell you why.The advent of check printing software took one of the oldest concepts in accounting, writing a check, a concept that was quickly becoming outdated and impractical, and made it relevant and practical again. Over the centuries, as corporations grew and began using armies of banks to support and pay vendors, it became unreasonable to write checks as each bank had multiple accounts and each account multiple check stocks. To the great surprise of many in the accounting industry, it appeared as though check writing was quickly going the way of the Dodo. But then along came two brothers who, as fate would have it, would save and forever change modern business by creating the first ever check printing software—PrintBoss.

Suddenly printing checks from blank check stock out of multiple bank accounts was not only possible, but simple, straightforward and secure. Did I mention that those two brothers were me and my brother Greg? So through the transitive property, did I save modern business? No, PrintBoss did. For over 20 years now PrintBoss has continued to reshape the business world. Has the Internet and everyone having a personal computer contributed to this change as well? Of course. But I strongly believe that without PrintBoss, the world would be a very different place. A worse place. So here’s to innovation and our ability to print checks.

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